Best Interconnects For the Jadis JP-200 to amps??

I just recently purchased a JP-200 preamp and welcome any advice on interconnects to use between my Preamp and amps. Right now I have a pair of Nestorovic amps and I'm using a 6m run of older Tranparent Ref IC. Later I plan to replace the amps with Jadis. Any suggestion on a good choice that won't break the bank. I need a fairly long run 4m or more.
Cardas Golden Reference is very nice with Jadis. I just heard the Cardas Clear with a JP-200 and JA-200 system and the sound was beautiful!! Made me think about selling my system and buying a Bose Wave!
Jadis + Siltech = Magical!
Which siltech would you recommend?
Siltech latest offerings the G6 / G7 range are excellent but cost a bomb. You might want to try look up their top line cable from the 90s--used. I was using their flat speaker cable (FT12--if I remembered model correctly) plus ic from back then too (can't remember name) with JP80MC and JA80, and later JA200. Visually, the ic's had similar blueish jacket, diameter not too big, but heavy, stiff, pure silver. The later versions (mid 90s) incorporated a gold ground wire to their silver giving a slightly warmer and more organic sound compared to the earlier all silver. Both had solidity, air and soul to their presentations which just enhances the Jadises' strengths--imo, addicting.
Would you consider an interconnect, specifically made for your system, with the added benefit of easily replacing the primary & secondary conductors to include alternative choices for conductor type and configuration?

What cable co. are you refering to?

Its not a Co. Its an audiophile who engineers for artisan purposes. He prefers aninimity. I only give out his contact info to those seriously interested about his cables. Per his request. This gentlemen is one of the kindest, professional human beings that I have ever met. Its a long story to go into here. Email me and I will gladly inform.