Best Interconnects for paradigm

I'm interested in getting the best bang for buck interconnects for a system...trying not to break the bank. There are lots of reviews on signal cable, paul speltz cables, budget lines from harmonic, cardas, etc. What is a good starting place.

Speakers Paradigm S8
Amplification/processor Anthem A5/A2
Source: Denon DVD, planning on upgrading soon

Grateful for suggestions on cables synergistic with paradigms


I was running a somewhat similar system a while back:

Paradigm Sig S4's (loved them)

Sunfire TGS III

Mark Levinson ML 27

Denon DVD-2200

I went with Signalcable ULTRA copper speaker cables and the Silver Resolution IC's. It was a good combo for this particular system I thought. I switched to the Silver Resolution speaker cables and didnt care for them - then switched to the copper IC's and didnt like that much either. Silver IC's and copper speaker cable worked well IMO. I think the build quality of the Signalcable IC's needs a little work ... I own several pairs and they don’t seem to stand up to much pushing/pulling or bend stress but Frank stands behind his products. If you need one repaired he is quite reasonable I understand.

You can pick them up used at a very fair price and I have always considered them a good deal.

I have the Paradigm Signature S1's V2, C1. ADP1's V2. Amazing speakers...Bar none...I have Synergistic Research interconnects, power cords, and speaker wire. Check out and maybe audition some....They have a huge used library.....

I have the Tesla Accelerator bi-wire on all my Paradigm's. Tesla power cords, T3,T2's, Precision AC's. For interconnects, I have the Tesla Precision Reference on the front left/right, Alpha Sterling X2's(Quantum Tunneled)on my center and rears.

I have tried Kimber 8TC- too bright sounding, Signal cable-didn't like the sound,muffled,too layed back. The S.R's mated extremely well with the Paradigm Sig's.

If you decide on the S.R's, make sure you get the Active version.............Trust up on

Any other recommendations from paradigm users?