Best Interconnects for Maggie 3.6s

I am starting to consider balanced internconnects for my setup:

Maggie 3.6
W4S ST1000
Jolida JD9
Technics 1200 with AT 150
Oppo 105 (soon to be EVS modified)
Speakers cables - thicker than lamp cord from the hardware store

My reading seems to indicate a low impendance braided interconnect is best. Roger Sanders, for example, says this.

What do you all think?

Anyone tried Signal Cable?

Have used Silnote Orpheous with great results. Am now trying a pair of the top Mapleshade cable and also like it very much. The Mapleshade is a little brighter then the warmish Silnote
Are you using Mye stands for your maggies? If not, get those first as they will make more of a difference than much more expensive component or wiring changes.
I have -Magnepan 1.7's,
-W4S STP-SE pre-amp
-W4S SX-500 monos

Balanced cables I have used:
-Audiquest King Cobra
-Kimber PBJ
-Oyaide PA-02
-Wyred 4 Sound C1
-DH Labs BL-1
-Nanotec Music Strada #207
-Acoustic Revive Line 1.0XS

---As far as warmth, bass detail, and balance, I really liked the Audioquest King Cobra.

--My current favorite is the Acoustic Revive Line 1.0XS, it really has it all, and is a great design.

--Do not sleep on the Nanotec Music Strada #207, it is an amazing cable for the price, and I use the single-ended version in my other set-up.
Hard to describe the #207, but it does almost everything that the Acoustic Revive XS does, but with a touch of warmth, and a presentation of the mid-range I am having a difficult time finding words to describe...some good reviews about the Music Strada #207 online say it better

All the other cables listed were excellent, and would recommend a demo of any of them in your system.

Also, fan of Signal Cable, I don't have their IC's, but I have their Silver Resolution power is an excellent well made cable that has seen time with my pre-amp, and currently my SS headphone amp. I am sure the interconnects are just as well made, and as good of a bargain as their PC's.

Sorry if the descriptions are not detailed, but it is at least a list of IC's to think about, used on very similar gear (Magnepan/Wyred4Sound)
In my experience echoes what Tkmetz said, get the Mye stand first.

Cables that worked really well: JPS superconductor 3, HiDiamond 8

Cables that worked well: Gabriel Gold Reflection V2, Supra Sword

Cables that didn't work as well: almost any silver cables.. copper plate silvers.. Dh labs revelation, ClearDay..
Hi all,

Got the Mye stands a while back. I noticed more of an impact with my 1.7's than I did with the 3.6's.

Back to the interconnects, did everyone go through trial and error or did you look for some sort of specification to guide your way?

If so what spec seemed to relate to the sound you liked to hear?