Best interconnects for CJ amp and preamp?

I recently bought an MV-60 amp and a PV-12 preamp. They are paired with Von Schweikert VR2s and a Rega Apollo Cd player. I made my own speaker wires with multiple strands of CAT-5 cable (i.e. copper) - no spades on the ends. I like the sound, it is neutral to warmish, easy to listen to, no fatigue. Recently, I added some Roller Block Juniors for feet, and they seem to add some detail and make the sound less warm. The interconnect between the amp and preamp is old, Monster Cable that I had lying around. I prefer neutrality in a system, but if I leaned toward changing the sound, I'd opt for adding a little more livier sound. Any recommendations for used, or new - with an in-home trial? Thank you.
The Cable Company will make you lots of suggestions for I/C's and will let you demo their new and used stock.

Also, if you prefer neutrality, give Herbie's Audio Lab Iso-cups footers with Lampblack Balls with the new decoupling base upgrade a try. I immediately noticed a deeper and wider soundstage, bigger 3D images, increased dynamics, smoother and more liquid midrange, focus and transparency improved. Cleaned up parts in a neutral way. This inexpensive tweak was well worth its price.
Tubes might be a good match for Morrow Audio ICs they didn't make the magic on my SS gear, but don't overlook them. Also PS Audio Transcendent silver is an excellent choice- a pair just went up today
I run some Conrad-Johnson gear,I have found JPS Labs to work very well.The JPS Labs cable is as nutral as it can be,and has a big,bold presentation.I use Superconductor2 I/C and Superconductor2 speaker cable for many years now with no upgrades..

System: Cal Icon mkII,PV-9a,Premier-12's,Morel Preludes..

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I had tributaries with my cj equipment for some time and they were just fine. They are probably a little better than the monster. Depends on your budget as to what to get. My tributaries are for sale here for $100, includes speaker cable and a couple i-connects. If you have a larger budget, I suggest trying the Shunyata i-connects. Not sure if you can change power cords on those units, some cj you can't and some you can. If you haven't changed power cords, that would be the first thing I would do, and again, I reccomend shunyata. This brand really brought my cj to life and made everything better. I had the pv14 and mf2250.

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I agree with beerdraft. I ran combinations of a Conrad Johnson PV-8, Premier 16LS, ACT2, Premier 12s and Premier 140 using Shunyata interconnects. You should be able to find their earlier Aries or Altair ICs at a good priced used. Likewise for the earlier Lyra or Andromeda speaker cables. They have the timbral accuracy and neutrality of copper yet are very articulate and quick with excellent dynamics, proving an excellent match with CJ gear. String bass and cellos were significantly better on the Premier 140 with the addition of a Shunyata Helix Python power cord. You will not know just how good is the bass on these amps until you try a different power cord. Even an earlier PC such as the Sidewinder will bring real improvement. Best of luck in your search.

I haven't tried them but,Cardas and Kimber inteconnects are reputed to work well with c-j. I enjoyed StraightWire and WireWorld when I ran c-j pre and power amps.
Thanks to all of you for your responses.

Some of you commented about changing power chords. My biggest concern has to do with the power chord PV12 preamp. It is hardwired into the unit so changing it is a fairly big commitment. I am leaning toward replacing it, but the tough thing is I can't easily try various chords on it. Pretty much a one-time deal.
You may be able to send it back to cj if you can live without it and they might fix it with a plug. If not I wouldn't mess with it, might make it harder to sell. Just make sure your cdp has a good power cord and amps. Add a conditioner. Pre amps don't draw much power but I did notice a difference with shunyata on my pv14L. I noticed a huge difference on my mf2250 with shunyata and when I got a mf2500a, it wasn't changeable onthe cord and I didn't like that at all. The 2250 was very close to the 2500 with upgraded cords and all.

The advantages of a hardwired connection might outweight the advantages of a different power cord with that isn't hardwired. Then again, it might not. Personaly, I wouldn't worry about the power cord that much. My guess is that the expense, effort and risk of compromised resale value might not be worth it.
CJ can not add a plug to the preamp Good point about diminishing the resale of the unit. Thanks, Beerdraft.