Best interconnects for audio research

I am looking to upgrade my interconnects. I currently have Audioquest python xlr's for both amp to preamp and preamp to cd. Various people have suggested cables such as Transparent Ultra, Kimber Select 1130, Tara Labs 'the one' and Audioquest Amazon. I would rather keep cost below 1K per 1M run of IC's(used that is). I would be grateful for any input you guys have on this matter.
My system:
Nottingham spacedeck/arm
Grado Master
ARC D-130
Audioquest Python IC's
Kimber Monocle X speaker cable
Proac 1SC

Thanks, Mark
XLO Signature phono cables
Stealth M-21 Special IC for the source ( CD to preamp )
NBS King Serpent and higher for the amp ( preamp to amp )
NBS Master and higher speaker cables
I've heard Proacs with Audio Research electronics using Transparent Reference interconnects (and Kimber speaker cable). Sublime sound. You can find used Trasparent Ref with XL on Audiogon if you're patient, although XLR costs extra and might run over your budget.
Something was never quite right w/ my ARC ProAc rig until I tried some Synergistic Res. Ref. I use the same on the speakers (biwire). It is definitely worth trying, and will go away easily on Agon if you dont like it. I paid dealer retail for some of it, but never looked back...