Best Interconnects for ARC gear

I'm currently running a VT-100mk111 and an original LS-25. What are the best Interconnects in the 1000.00 range.
ARC use to sell interconnects with the name 'Litz Line'. It was very musical but not on par with the better cables of today. A company with similar sonics, but with SOTA tech is Audio Magic. These are silver cables that seem to synergize with ARC gear extremely well.
I used Audioquest when I had ARC. If you like silver Sky is great, 1 meter used around $1000, If not the all copper Colorado is a good choice @ $800 per meter new, I don't see it used that often.
I second the Audioquest cables. I use the Sky and Cheetah's in my ARC system with great results.
AQ X3, My father runs them with his Ref3
some use transparent with great success....
I have tried many makers cables for both interconnect, speaker and power cords.
I have found JPS Labs Superconductor 2's and Aluminata's to offer the most open sound in my system.
I'm still using Nordost Valhalla & Brahma pc's, having recently bought some Aluminata pc's to try.
Save yourself some money. I use audio metallurgy GA-O interconnects with my ARC gear. They're comparable to any $1500-$2000 interconnect out there and can be had for about $150-$175 a pair. Check the auction here on the Gon.
Also, Paul Speltz anti-cables are very good for about the same price but not quite as warm as the GA-O's.
Tara labs & forget about it
MIT...Call Joe Abrams at Equus Audio for free advice and a trial.