best interconnects and power cables for Ayre


I have an all Ayre stack (D1xe, KXR, MXR) and was wondering what kind of cables you guys had tried and would recommend ? Goal is to avoid any fatigue while not losing anything of course...


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I too have an all Ayre system. I have posted this before, and told of my trials of almost all cable connections, both interconnects and speaker cables. I found that using balanced cable is a MUST, and that Ayre and Cardas cables were the worst. The very best I found (don't laugh) is Anti-Cables with Audioquest Sky and matching Everest speaker cable a very close second. Because Ant-Cables are so much cheaper, and have a money back trial policy, they seem like a least to try them. Audioquest has a new interconnect that is about 4 times the price of Sky. I tried that was not a big consideration for this application and found that they were not nearly as good as Sky. If you are interested in power cords that I've had success with, let me know. By the way...I had a D-1 as well, and the C5xe I now have is very much better, unless you use the D-1 for video. The C-5xe is audio only. All this being said, your speakers may or may not like either Audioquest or Anti-Cables - you didn't mention your speakrs. Listen, listen, and then listen again.
Before you worry about cables you've got to fix your source. As noted above, it would be helpful to know your speakers as well.
Cable selection is a a very subjective issue. Ayre does use Cardas cables to voice their electronics. I have found that there may be significant differencs in cable performance, even within the same manufacturer's range. All Ayre components are of a balanced design, so experiment with differnt XLR cables, starting with different Cardas models.
Thanks. I have Merlin speakers. I do use the D1 for video as well, but I agree it can be bettered. What about power cables ?
Perhaps the D1 can be bettered, but I think it is pretty darn good RedBook player; especially in the context of an all Ayre system. I would certainly audition the CX5 before assuming it will be an improvement for you and your ears. I would think the Cardas GR could not possibly casue fatigue, but they are a bit pricey.
The D1 - especially if it has been modified to the last iteration (it isn't currently being made any more) is a wonderful player. The C5xe however is better (not slightly) with Redbook CD's however, it also plays SACD and DVD audio which the D1 doesn't. Listening to the Tilson-Thomas Mahler SACD discs wants for nothing that I can hear. I have both units. In my all Ayre system, anything made by Cardas ruins the sound.
I have an all-Ayre stack at the other end of the extreme (AX-7e, CX-7e, P-5xe) and really like my Purist cables. My speakers are GMA Callistos.
The MAC audio cables - Mystic is no joke it has beaten several $1000+ interconnects and it is under $500. Using pure Silver ,Gold Air dialectric and Teflon with the very expensive Eichmann pure Silver conductor connections.
I compared the Acoustic zen Silver reference ,
and VooDoo cable ultralinear ,also briefly Acoustic Zen Absolute
which is way over priced at over $2k and the Mystic was
IMO just as clear and open but a little more weight in the bass midbass and tunefull.