Best Interconnects and/or Speaker Cable

What are the best interconnects or speaker cable you have ever heard and why? Price is no object.

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I just bought some Audio Note AN-Vz interconnects, and they are easily the best I've ever heard. Maybe the best I'll ever hear. Indescribably live-sounding. The music jumps out the speakers. The music has all kinds of texture, dimension, air. . . Bass is way, way down. Trebles, sweet. Mids, right there. These guys are expensive, but worth every penny. They retail for about $3000 a meter, but you can get them for closer to $1000 a meter, here. I understand that if you have connections in Japan, you can get them at a real good price. If you do, please notify me-- I'd like to pick up their SPz speaker cable made of the same stuff. Feel free to write to discuss any of this further. Jeff [email protected]