Best Interconnect to use with APL/Denon 3910

I have recently purchased an APL modified Denon 3910 CD player, without the up-sampler technology. I am looking for interconnect recommendations. I currently own Signal Cable copper and Silver Resolution - digital cables.

The Silver Resolution produces very good inner detail, transient response, and high frequency; the qualities that I most do not want to loose.

The copper version produces better detail in cello's and drums, the two instruments that I am most interested in improving. I am particularly interested in better snare drum reproduction. Bass guitar and bass piano notes are reproduced very well with either cable.

My system is:

· APL Denon 3910
· Ayre K1x Pre-Amp (non Evolution)
· Gamut 200 Mkii Amp
· Signal Cable Bi-Wire speaker wires (copper)
· Martin Logan reQuest speakers with TNT Dynamicap capacitor upgrades to the crossovers

The character of this system is very fast and detailed. The APL does not sound much different going direct, or through the Ayre, and because I am using the phono and other inputs, I choose to leave it through the pre-amp. The Martin Logan’s have some difficulty with a dB drop around the crossover point of 200hz. I think this is the area that is causing me the most concern in upgrading with interconnects. The phono reproduction also shows this drop off, however the cello and drum performance are much more acceptable to me.

I am also planning when funds permit, to perform the latest upgrades from Alex, and buy a better power cord as suggested in the other forum on power cords for this unit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and consideration.
Your taste will undoubtedly be unique, as will the taste of all those who respond to your question. I originally used Audience Au24 interconnects, and later switched to Revelation Audio Labs Paradise (silver). I had also auditioned Nirvana SL (copper) and Nirvana SX (copper). When I go direct to my amp, I use the Nirvana SL because the Revelation Audio Paradise are too short. I really like both. The Paradise ICs brought the music to life better than any other interconnect I tried. But, interestingly, I like the combo of Paradise to preamp, and Nirvana SL from preamp to amp the best. The all-Paradise combo I tried was too much of a good thing in the upper mids and highs.

You can buy-and-try the Revelation Audio interconnects for 30 days risk free, and that's what I'd recommend no matter which interconnects you decide to use. If you can't buy them and return them for a refund, then at least buy used so you can re-sell them for what you paid.

Right now I am using the Xindak gold interconnect, I have used

VD Nite I
Nordust Blue Heaven/Valhalla
I have found a huge difference in dynamics when using he APL direct to my Krell Amp. I sold my Preamp.
Using a Preamp seemed to limit dynamics.

For my APL3910
I am currently using Ridgestreet Audio Signature cables.
Supposadly, designed for both components strengths /weaknessess it is connected to.

I have tried
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref2
Cardas Golden Ref
HMS Top match
APL cable
Pure Note Cerelum
Kimber Select 1020
and many others .

All change the sound and the perspective.
The Ridgestreet Signature seem to be the best overall, but they take a long time to break in, contrary to what they say on the website.
I am using Virtual Dyanmics Revelation Signature and am very happy. A partial list of what I have tried:

APL cable(old)
Siltech 110
Monster Sigma Retro Gold
Nirvana SX Ltd

All good cords, the VD just sound best to my ears and setup. They also take a while to break in - got them from Rick at RMAF and the amount to sheer dynamics and detail that comes thru is pretty amazing- Speed of Light Technology is pretty interesting, at least the easy parts I understand.
I'm using Audio Tekne ics and scs. Easily the most musical cabling I've yet heard in my system. The APL is a relatively new addition so I've only used the Teknes there.

Previous cables in recent years include (from latest to earliest):

Paul Speltz anti-cables.
Jena Labs Valkyre ics.
Audience Au24 ics and scs.
Pure Note ics
Harmonic Technology Pro-Silways and Pro-9s
Acoustic Zen Satori.

I've switched from Revelation Audio Paradise to Purist Audio Aqueous, which has eliminated some hardness in the upper mids during aggressive musical passages, i.e. piano, trumpet and guitar.
I use an Audioquest top of the line Sky interconnect with great results. I just switched to the latest Ridge Street Audio Design Poiema III signature interconnect. It takes no time to break in because it gets cooked on the Audiodharma before it is shipped! This is a new feature offered by the company. It has been in my system for 11 days and I will do a comparison today or tomorrow. It bested the AQ Cheetah(2nd best) when I auditioned it in December. These evaluations are with speaker cables from the same company.
BTW, the Poiema gets matched to the spec of the APL. I don't know how much this effects the outcome, but it could not hurt...
Good luck with your unit. When you get your ic's and pc's, you will be going direct at least part of the time. It really lowers the noise floor and allows more detail to emerge. I exclusively go direct, but I know at least one owner who splits the action depending on cd selection.
I use the Ridge Street Audio Poima III balanced going direct to a pair of Nuforce Ref. 9s, and they sound amazing. The only other cables I've used with my APL Denon are Harmonic Tech Truthlink, and Grover Hufman UR cables. The RS audio are much more refined than either of these. Currently, I am VERY happy with the sound of my system.
Best of luck!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Let me update you on what I have done:

I have tried Harmonic Technology Magic Link One and Purist Audio Venustas from the APL to the Preamp. The Venustas are very good and the cable to beat. I also bought a Electraglide Epiphany powercord for the APL, with a significant improvement.

I replaced my Signal Cable speaker wires with PS Audio Extreme Bi-Wire (7 Meters).

I had Alex at APL upgrade the unit with the AKM DACs.

All of these additions have resolved most of my bass quality concerns.