Best interconnect for Sony SCD-1 w/ss

I am using Stealth PGS gold with my Sony SCD-1 and like the combination. What combinations have you found work really well with the Sony SACD's?

Bill E.
I'm using Cardas Hexlink Golden 5C with my SCD-777ES to Sim I-5 amp and the sound is smooth and rich.
Nordost Blue Heaven sounds pretty good also.
Getting good results with Goertz Silver Sapphire.
I'm using Nordost Quattro Fil with terrific results, but my 777ES has been modified, as you know. I do recall some posts on other threads a while back which took the view that you don't want too revealing a cable (I'd classify Quattro Fil in that category) because it could emphasize the weaknesses of the Sony analog stage. While those posters may not have been using a fully broken in unit, I would probably consider an audition of cables of that type before springing for them.
Cardas Golden Reference is a very nice matchup with the SCD-1--very smooth. A trusted friend says Purist (e.g., Proteus) works particularly well. On all of these, balanced cables are supposed to be far preferable with the Sony, but that's all I've ever used, so I can't speak from experience.
hi bill,

i'm using silver audio appassionata's with great success. if you can't tell everyone seems to have a different suggestion. which shows two things. 1: the scd-1/777 is doing its job and 2: cables don't seem to make that big of a deal. but in the case of 2, almost everyone is using reference grade cables on their scd-1/777 so who knows. i'll get back to you on that mod list i was talking to you about over email. i also have another interesting comment that i'll include when i get a chance to get it together for you.

I agree with the two posts above that suggest either the Cardas or Purist. I am using Purist Proteous with my SACD and find the resolution to be excellent and tonal balance very good. I would like a touch more warmth if possible, and the Cardas would be my first choice to experiment with, given the chance.
I found that the Stealth Gold more detailed and equally warm against the Cardas Golden Cross. How are the Hexlink 5C different from the Golden Cross?

Bill E.
i to was looking for more warmth[mid range bloom]. straightwire crecendo works really well . front to back layering and separation improved dramatically.
I'm also using a Stealth PGS on my Sony 9000ES and I like how it sounds better than other silver cables that I've tried on it.
TARA Master GEN II are very detailed, sweet and warm.