Best interconnect for PS Audio PWT and PWD?

I'm currently using a PS Audio HMDI cable but have read that listeners have had better results with XLRs. Any experiences/advice? [If this is a redundant question, please refer me to the relevant thread.] Thanks -- Bill
Have the PWT and the PWD hooked up with a PS Audio Hdmi which I feel gives the best results. But why not just try it and see which you like best , you can even have both hooked up at the same time then switch between them on the PWD.

As Always, Good Listening

i have both components and prefer the original illuminati spdif to any hdmi. i have heard several. my favorite is the harmonic technology.

there is no ideal format. it's how the cable interfaces the transport and dac.
Thanks to both of you.
I am using a HiDiamond Digital Carbon XLR. Amazing.
I should have added it is from the PS Audio transport to the AMR DP-777 DAC.
Thanks, Sabai.