Best interconnect for Magnum Dynalab MD100

I have a MD100 which I have connected to my Pass X1 with Nordost Blue Heavon balanced i/c. Would it make a big difference to go to a better i/c such as the Red Dawn or any others? At what point does diminishing return where tuners are concerned. I am using Shunyata Aries i/c from CDP to Pre and Pre to Amp. I like them and have tried the Aries on the tuner but don't find the improvement worth the expense of another pair of Aries.I was thinking perhaps the Nordost Red Dawn? Any advice would be appreciated.
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FWIW, I'm using Pure Note Epsilon REF. It was an "extra" pair I had lying around and it replaced a pair of Audioquest Ruby that I didn't like so much.
If it helps you sleep better at night, why not go for the "better" I/Cs.
I'm not familiar with your electronics with first hand listening experience, but I can recommend the Harmonix Golden Performance ICs if you want to hear what your electronics were meant to sound like. I was very happy with my Cardas GR until I heard these. Now, I'm happier. What can I say. I was turned onto these ICs from my experiences with their Studio Master power cords. I loved them so much that I had to give the their ICs a whirl. A good audio buddy of mine replaced his Valhallas with these. That certainly motivated me. He also replaced his Elrods with the Studio Masters. All are extremely neutral and tuned. I love em. peace, warren
The narrow bandwidth of tuners limits the effect of expensive interconnects. I also am running a Pass X1 and a Magnum Dynalab Etude which is basically an MD-100. Without knowing the speakers and amp you're using (and these are a big factor) I'd shy away from the over priced Red Dawns (plated copper) and suggest a good copper cable such as Audience AU24, Voodoo Reference or Analysis Plus Copper. All of these will give you great clarity without the harshness of plated cables and save you money. The Voodoo and AP can be found on the used market at very reasonable prices; the Audience will be a bit more. I've tried a ton of IC's on my tuner and the difference is far less noticeable there than elsewhere in my system. Spend your IC money for the more important runs i.e. cdp to pre and pre to amp.
good point. Should have read your post more carefully. I'd never recommend the Harmonix for a tuner. I wouldn't recommend anything over $250 for a tuner. That's just me....
I have a Studio Master in my system. I've tried it on all the components and right now everything sounds best using it on the Pass amp. The X1 has a brand new Shunyata Python Alpha (same technology as the Anaconda w/ fewer conductors and none of the noise reduction dust) and the Audio Aero Capitole has just been equipped with a new Electraglide Mini Khan Plus. It is the best cord I've heard on my cdp; it replaced the Studio Master. The tuner has a Stealth Cloude Nine front version which works great. That's the line up today; tomorrow who knows? :>)
After playing with the Red Dawn, Blue Heaven and Shunyata's Aries I've decided to try and get another pair of Aries. The sonic improvement of the Aries over the Red Dwn or Blue Heaven justifies, to me, the purchase of another pair of Aries. Especially if I can work something out with the person I get my cables from.I find the Blue Heaven OK for the money but nothing special, the Red Dawn have they're charms but I find them overbearingly aggressive for lack of a better word. I find the Aries bring a naturalness to my magnum Dynalab MD100 that makes the tuner sound more like a high quality source as opposed to just an old tuner.If anyone can reccommend interconnects that they have experience with on tuners it would be valuable info but I think I'm sold on the Aries.