Best Interconnect Cables with Cary Tube Gear

I would like to get some suggestions from users of Cary Tube Gear IE: 05preamp,120s amp,805amps..on what they are using for interconnects XLR/RCA.Like with all equiptment there is always that special cable that has perfect senergy.
Your help is appreaciated.
A general recommendation use silver cables. My best results with my old Cary 300B monos were Kimber KCAG and Ridge Street Audio MSE and Poiema. I no longer have the Cary's but still use Ridge Street interconnects and speaker cables with my tube gear. Good luck and happy listening!
I'm using Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II interconnects and AZ Satori speaker cables and I am very happy with them. I am also using a VH Audio Airsine power cable on my Cary SLI-amp with good results.
I have found Nordost to have great synergy with Cary gear. Both the flatline (i.e. Blue Heaven)and monofilament (i.e. Frey)designs work well, with the latter providing a big dose of detail and soundstaging ability.