Best interconnect burn-in method

I think I know the answer to this, but I just wanted to double check with everyone.  I am in the process of burning in an XLR interconnect.  The interconnect is between the DAC and the integrated amp.  I am using a laptop as the source, and it is connecting via USB cable to the DAC.  Is it true that I am still burning in the XLR IC if I leave the integrated amp turned off while playing music continuously on my laptop with the DAC turned on?  Thank you for your input.

Fortunately, there is no logical reason for burn-in with cables. So your approach will be equally effective as any other. If you experience audible differences over time (drift in performance) then it would be best to have your active gear (amp, preamp, power source, grounding etc.) checked and repaired/replaced. Generally a change over time means something is wrong (temperature issues, incompatibility between components, leaks to ground, capacitors beginning to fail etc)
@shadorne ,
I’m not here to debate the concept of cable burn-in, god knows it’s been done before. But what the manufacturers do state is that newly installed cables need a settling in period. For example, cables that have been coiled and packed in a box for some time, need to be installed, let the dielectric reach room temp, and run a signal through them.

@shadorne Your statement flies in the face of Audioquest's Dielectric Bias System and an understanding that once installed in a system, cable dielectrics "form" after a period of time with signal flowing through them.  AQ's DBS system sends 72 volts through the cable to keep the dielectric formed at all times after initial break-in.  As the dielectric forms the cables tend to "open up" in terms of sound quality.  It is actually a cool thing to experience if you have never had the occasion to do so.  Lots of unexpected pleasures in this hobby.  That's one of them.

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@randy-11  Gee Randy, what is a dielectric?  I'm new to audiophilia.  Thanks for helping me out!

Unless a person has done testing they have only opinions.

You can read about my experience at in the article entitled "Audiophile Law: Thou Shalt Not Overemphasize Burn In"

Unless a person understands science they have only un-informed opinions.
Why does a question have to turn into a cable debate?

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The OP should post this question in the Cable section at audio asylum where he won't be pestered
Two conditions are required for a cable to be able to break-in:1) signal, 2) some current flow.
The signal (volts following the music) are coming from the DAC, the tiny current also follows the signal and is caused by the input impedance of your amp. That impedance is there no matter if the amp is switched on. Just make sure that the input selector matches the XLR input you connect the cables to. Sometimes the input selectors disconnect the "other" inputs and the input impedance goes to "open circuit" and no current will flow. Give the break-in enough hours.
Good luck and happy listening!


Just...use your cables.  If they aren't faulty, they will work fine out of the box. 

The fewer audiophile myths you fall for, the less money you will waste and the less paranoid you will be. 

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Get a cable cooker. They work for burn-in and a recharge of cables when used once a year. I consider them a necessity and not a luxury for top heap audio. Mine recommends 1.5 days to burn in an interconnect using it.

Playtime 24 hours after that plus settling depending on your conductor structure.

I’ve tried using an arc welder to burn in a set of binding posts, just prior to a show. To try and eliminate that part of the burn in process. the answer is, don’t do it. Far too dark, is the result.

Thankfully, it bounces back to a norm of sorts, but it does take a few days. Just like normal burn in.


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Unless a person understands science they have only un-informed opinions.

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