Best interconect for ASR

I have one ASR Emitter II and Ascendo C/ speakers and for digital source North Star combo with Extremo DAC conected to Transport by a rj45 from Revelation áudio labs(msde of silver and very good but it was an adventure for receive it.... My speaker cables are Cardas golden cross biwire and actual rca I think is a chinese one made of "silver" and I have a good sound but not very clean in the highs...
What options do I have to solve the problema whith a budget in second hand about 200/400.
Dump the Cardas and replace with cables. The Cardas are badly Colored cables that get in the way and are not good in the highs as you stated. Morrow cables are not very much $$ and I use them because they are transparent in sound, very articulated and great bass extension with awesome effortless highs. Try them you will not be sorry. I stopped buying expensive cables once I heard these on my $20k 2 channel system.
Thank´s it is possible that I try that also. Cardas is a good cable for bright systems.But a good rca could be a better choice now. I am in Portugal and here the crise strikes and its very dificult to sell things. My budget is low and speaker cables are more expensive than interconnects.
I bought a FIM gold interconnect to a friend and now the things are diferente. The bass is much better and the higs too. I know that cardas is a litle warm but now is warm but musical. The soundstage is bigger.
Morrow could be a good choice in the future, they ships worldwid and we can buy in soft way(nice policy) but now I´m enjoying my system with the new acquisition and I must sell Cardas first and here everything is dificult to sell
Try to sell your Cardas on ebay. There is a lot of people who like that kind of warmth. If you're looking for neutral cables for small money, Analysis Plus cables are great. Oval 12 is very cheap and very interesting.
Analysis Plus are great but the best ones are expensive to.I have to get some jumpers or try with a bi wire cable. I never use jumpers before, but I think the sound will be ok with this solution.Many people say´s that bi wire cables are much better. Are they?