Best Interated amp hands down.

Let settle the dispute. I have been in the market for a $1000 integrated amp for a few months now and have seen dozens of threads about them. I formerly has a list of about 20 diffrent one that claimed they are the best. The list has been narowed to the top five contenders. and here they are. Let the debates begin.

• Audio Analogue Puccini SE
• Plinius 8100
• Unison Unico
• Blue Circle CS
• Musical Fidelity A300

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Eric.....who plans on listening to the "winner"? You?...or the people who answer your thread? I can see why you would want to hear from people who have experienced some reliability issues with some of the products on your list but when it comes down to the sonics, only you can be sure if you can live with it.....Peace, Deano