Best integrates for Totem Model-1

I recently purchased Totem Model-1 (not the Signature) and need your suggestions on what integrate would be the perfect match. I've seen some posts that suggest C-J Cav50/Model-1 combination is near perfection, but Cav50 is not easy to come by. So I would like to hear about other combinations with the Model-1 that sound great. I was also looking at Pathos ClassicOne. Would like to keep $$ low if possible (under $1500). Any comments or suggestions would be great.
for $1500, look at a classe cap-151, mcintosh 6500, dk design ref 2.
I drove a pair of the Model Ones with a Portal Panache. The combination was a terrific match. Yeah the Portal is solid state but it is as warm and satisfying as ss gets.
When I had my Model 1 Signatures I used a Plinius 8200 mk ii. Very pleasant combination. I see there is one currently in the classified; no connection to me.