Best integrated with pre/main out/$650

Hi:looking for the best integrated possible with pre/main out for about $650,thx,Al
If your music preferance is mostly Rock and Pop, Audio Analog Puccini would be fine choice, it is quite involving. If you listen mostly classical, and acoustic instruments, Linn Majik is without rival under 2k range. Majik is "laid back" yet detailed, and you should mate it with "lively" speakers. Majik have those in/out, you are asking about.
Have you heard of Outlaw Audio? Follow this link for more information, This unit goes for $599 and includes a 30 return policy if you not 100% satisfied, so you really can't lose. And is withing your price range, good luck.
You may want to look at the NAD 317 -- can be had for around that price via Soundcity -- and it sounds as good as any other integrated two and three times it's price. The 317 has got some great reviews from the press and check out It has a very nice remote and should provide you with trouble free listening. I like the fact that NAD would rather spend money on the sound than all the bells and whistles. Good luck, I also hear great things about the Puccini.
I'd take a look at a Jolida 1701 or 1501 hybrid. Or if your monitors are efficient you could look at the 302b tube integerated with a pre-out added for around this cost. The NAD C340 would be my choice for ss at your budget.
I am with Patriot - the NAD 317 is as good as any amp upto $2000. I think the Happy Medium ( sells 'em for around $600 - right around your budget. BTW it is twice as expensive as the NAD C340 suggested by Doctorjest and if you know NAD, you know that the extra money didn't go into cosmetics. You will get terrific dynamics, articulation and far greater-than-you-should-expect-at-the-price refinement.
Go to the Artech Electronics web site; if they have any left they are clearing out Audiolab 8000A's at $449 and 8000S's (MSRP about $1100) at $549. I use a 12 year old 8000A with a Cardas Golden Power cord (purchased the 8000 used and payed almost as much for the power cord-a good aftermarket cord will do wonders for these amps) and it's a great combination. I think you'd have to pay double anyway to get much better sound.
Best sounding and built in that range is the Audio Refinement Complete. Designed by YBA. You could get a used on for around $700.