Best Integrated w/ Phono-In under $350

I have decided to get my feet in the world of vinyl. I am trying to get educated and put together a system at the same time. But the amp part of it has me very confused.

I am on a fairly limited budget and really want to find a good starter amp under $350. Aside from needing to have a phono-in I really have no other requirements. New or used is fine.

Some I've looked at are the Marantz PM5003 (seen a few at the top of my budget), the NAD C325BEE (have yet to see one available anywhere), and a few others. But like I said, I am pretty well wrapped around the axle now and would appreciate some guidance from those who are more worldly about these things.

Get something vintage, from when vinyl was king (mid-late 70s), and have it recapped and tuned up by a reputable and competent tech. Yamaha CR-x20 line or receivers, perhaps. Those will come with a good analog tuner as well. Or maybe a Sansui, or Sony VFET. You should be able to score something in good shape with an excellent phono section for well under your budget, with $ left over to get it in tip top shape. Play your cards right and you can get something with 2 phono inputs, for two tables or arms. Think of all the fun!

Seriously, at that budget, my guess is you will get much better build and performance from something from that era than from something newer, when vinyl is an afterthought.
completely agree
I would be patient and try to snag a late 80's/early 90's Sony ES integrated. One of the cheaper ones (but still pretty nice, the TA-F606ES) recently sold for under $100 on ebay. These have nice phono sections and good amp sections.

Keep checking around and I am sure something will come up.

You could also try older receivers. Many of the TOTL ones had pretty good phono stages. There are two top-of-the-line Sony GX10ES receivers on ebay right now, but they are a little out of your price range.

I am currently using a Sony GX50ES reciever (a very basic model compared with the GX10ES) while my preamp is out for mods and I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it sounds.

Vintage gear from the 70/80's is the way to go.
I've been a fan of Yamaha's"Natural Sound" line ,
owning amps,tuners and tape decks over the years.
There is a integrated listed now(NOT MINE-DON'T KNOW SELLER).Some have 2 phono inputs and the amps are switchable class A/AB.They are built for the ages.Good luck
The "go vintage" suggestions are good ones. I'd go with that.

However, it you do want a newer integrated amp, I'd plan on not using the built in phono pre (if it even has one). You will have better luck using a separate phono pre at around the $100 price point (NAD PP2, etc.). (You could use something cheaper until you raise the funds... they start very low.)
I would go with the NAD integrated used-and a used NAD pp2 or pp3. Very good sound for the money
There is a Sony GX9ES reciever on ebay right now for a very reasonable buy-it-now. I don't think you would be able to do much better for the $$$.

Under $300.00, I would buy the Pio Elite A35 R for less than $200.00 if you are not a head banger type of listener. In-expensive yet very musical. Best of all, you will get it brand new in box. For $299.00 extra, you can get a brand new in box Energy RC10. For less than $200.00, get the Pio BDP 51fd and you will have an awesome CDP with Wolfson Dacs. That's good budget system .Good luck.
Sterophile had a very good review of the Marantz PM5003 and said the following about it's phono section.

"Still, I was skeptical that a $450 integrated, however well made and with however many features, could also include a high-quality phono stage. I expected to hear the sound of a throwaway phono stage. I was wrong. I ended up spending nearly half my time with the Marantz listening to vinyl—I was so pleased with its sound that I just kept playing black disc after black disc."
Used Audiolab 8000A made in England could be the best choice. It sounds excellent, has acceptable phono stage and is very reliable.
I think there is one right now on ebay.
For $350 used, I think a Arcam integrated amps are a great value. I used to have an Arcam Alpha8R and it was a great amp for the price.
Hey Gang. A bunch of good suggestions here however, it would be a whole lot easier to make a recommendation if we knew what speaker he intends on is using it with.
Vintage is a nice idea for vinyl... afterall, the electronics were assembled (basically) for the soul purpose of reproducing phono, and they often have more than one input which will accommodate mm/mc. You can use the aux for cd, if you so desire. Also, there are plenty of quality recapped/ refurbished/ serviced items available...

I have been admiring a few Sansui options, specifically the 9090db--be mindful however, It's rather large!

Another option is to purchase a newer integrated and use an external phono stage, namely the NAD-PP2 (self-serving edit, I have a spare available in excellent condition). The PP2 has some really great reviews, which are well-deserved. This option is nice because you are likely to gain a newer product with warranty which may accommodate cd, ipod, Usb, etc. but also play vinyl well via the external stage (the Outlaw stereo integrated 2150 has all if these features with onboard phono, but it is $700/ $475-550 used).

Most importantly, have fun and save some coin for your record collection on the front-end, because once you hear it you won't want to stop!