Best integrated tube amplifier, under $3,000.00. No phono needed. Could be used, too.d

What's the best integrated tube amplifier under 3k, don't need phono.  Used is ok, too.  Thanks!
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Really nice, dealer demo, low hour VTL IT 85 for sale on US audio mart with full warranty.. I’m not affiliated with sale. I think this would also be a great choice.
PrimaLuna makes a wide range of high quality tube integrated amps to fit your budget. I own a $2k Mystere IA11 (sister company and made by PrimaLuna). Superb build and sound, so consider PrimaLuna available from Upscale Audio, as well as the Mystere brand.
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII.I've had the two previous models and the current production MKIII is special.With an NOS tube complement it is one of the most competent Integrated amps available.
Thanks for all the responses, lots to take in and research, I truly appreciate everyone’s help!
+1 on the LM508. The Raven Blackhawk provided excellent sounding vocals and is a good selection at a lower price point for efficient speakers. The LM508 accuracy, soundstaging and fast deep bass sounds wonderful driving Tekton DI’s. I added an ifi iGalvanic 3.0 and virtually eliminated all the hum and pops. Detail recovery and decay is off the charts.

A higher power integrated from Raven would be worth a spin. Dave is a pleasure to deal with.