best integrated tube amp for under 1000 new /used

Hope i dont start a war here!

Have a pair of ribbon speakers (monitors rated 30w-120w 89db)..I would like to get into the tube sound.
I hear great things about Jolida 302b. Also see amp kits on the web ..any recommendations?
Thanks thequietman
Hey quiet what amp kits have you seen and where? Also check out for professional and consumer reviews.
I don't know how much an Unison Unico(Version i)will cost but it certainly worth your waiting if it has not touched the American soil. This guy has got bass of a SS and the tube smoothness. I don't think it will break your bank also.
Do check out.
There is no "best."
Sometime you can find a used Audiomat Arpege in that price range. It would be near to lower side of the power I would want. Very musical amp though.

Also look at the Ella from Diyhifi as a kit.

The Ella works nicely with the "Django" TVC available at the same place.

I've made a couple of them for relation. They do not need a pre. I pair them with a diy version of a Caroline Audio single driver speaker. [url][/url]. Or you can use something less expensive.

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hi guys..I saw a few amp kits on the web but I am not capapble of assembling them. Also I think it is hard to beat a real audition with your own speakers. Great review on the unison unico..does anyone know where to audition or contact a seller/distributor?
Kevin at Upscale Audio has them. I have been talking to him about them. He says the price is going up with the next shipment he gets, to $1595 and $1695. They are $1495 and $1595 (phono)right now.

HI GUYS..FINALLY GOT THE 202A MODDED AMP FROM UNDERWALLY....delighted so far..and i am told things will improve after burn in..thanks for all the suggestions..thequietman