Best integrated tube amp for Triangle Celius 202

Around ~ $1500 or so. And any other suggestions you
can recommend for optimizing these speakers.
I am downsizing my system, and want the best sound
I can get with these speakers.
I listen mostly to jazz & classic rock, with a little bit
of everything mixed in.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Audio Note Oto or Soro SE.

Extremely neutral and musical SETs with amazing bass and power for their rated 9 and 18 watts respectively. Do your self a favor and check either one out. Beautiful to look at too. I bought a Soro SE about 6 weeks ago and could not be happier. I feel my search for audio gear is over (famous last words!) I am really impressed with the Soro SE and some people think the Oto is better (cleaner sound) even though it is cheaper.
I just came across your thread and I also have the Celius' that I am trying to match with the proper front end. I've read that the Unison Unico is good as well as the Pathos Classic one ver. 2. I will probably buy one of these in the next week or so. I'll let you know the results if you're still interested.

Yes please let me know, although I found that I am
really really happy with my high power Spectron
digital amp & tube pre amp. I may not get anything
else, but let me know what you end up with & what
you think.
I have read so much about the Celius being thin & bright
during breakin, but mine were on the rich, vibrant & airy side right out of the box (though you can tell they are still tight), so I may wait to see what they
sound like after they are completely broken in before I
make any changes.
Only 300 more hours to go or so!! But I love em!!!