Best integrated tube amp for around $2000

I have my eye on a Cary SLI-80 but would like to hear if I can do better for a second hand amp in the $2000 range. Please share your faves and why. I want to have a remote control with it but otherwise not too picky, so long as the sound is great.
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You'll get more informed responses if you tell us what kind of speakers you have, maybe something about your sources, and size of your room.

What is it about the Cary that stands out for you?

The usual disclaimer: There is no "best".
I have harbeth monitor 30 speakers and my room is 10x12. I listen mainly to vinyl but also cd. Thanks.
cayin, great sound, great value.
A couple good candidates would be the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and the Yamaha A-S2000. They're entirely different, but both have about the same power rating. The Cronus is an all tube integrated; the Yamaha is a very high current SS amp with some proprietary circuitry.
You can't go wrong with that Cary, or the SLI30.

Other interesting choices would be the ARC VSI60, Jadis Orchestra/Orchestra Reference, Manley Stingray, previously mentioned Rogue Audio Cronus, VAC Auricle, and VTL IT85.
Get the Cary. I love my SLP98P and CAD 120s. I'll never go back to SS, no matter how inaccurate some feel tube sound is. If tube sounds better who cares about accuracy?
Second Trelja, get the Cary, you will not be sorry, great match with the Harbeth, nice music-lovers synergy.
The Cary. I drove my ProAc D28s nicely with an SLI-80. There are days when I wish I hadn't sold it. It's easy to bias and reacts well to tube rolling--just don't get carried away coz there's 10 tubes. Nice headphone section completes the package.
Well, I bit the bullet and ordered an SLI-80 F1 version today. Thanks to all who helped me realize what I thought all along was likely a good choice. I will report my experiences once the amp is run in.