Best integrated tube amp for 3A MM deCapo i?

Not sure if this should go under amp section or speaker section but here goes.

I may get a Cary SLi 80 integrated amp to use with these speakers. I would also really like to try a low power set amp (20-30 watts), possibly with 300B tubes. Any real life views on this subject would be appreciated.
I tried my Audio Note Meishu (300B - 8 wpc) with DeCapos and it was a bit underpowered.

Also, it is a very robust 8 wpc and I think it was not enough, though others will disagree.
You CANNOT go wrong with the 3A and the Cary SLI-80. For a touch more warmth, try the Cary 300SEI.
I have heard the Di Capo i's on a Cary 300B , it was not enough power .
While these speakers are rated at 92db. the resistance is down to 6 ohms nominal . I have these with a 35w P/P and it is quite nice .

I A/B'd the Sli-80 with a Cayin A88-T on the Di Capo i's and could not hear that much of a difference , certainly not enough to justify the higher price of the Cary . I bought the Cayin and was quite happy until it came time to bias it . What a bear ! I passed it on to the next owner !

I am now using a Primaluna Prologue 2 . I like it much better and it is even less money . It has better top end extention and more clearity , those things that you don't know your missing until you hear them . With stock tubes it is not as warm as I like . After I rolled the input tubes it came much closer to that traditional tube sound characterized by the Cary and Cayin . Now that I have rolled in some EL-34's , I am quite happy . It is , to me , everything that the Sli-80 is and more .

On a side note...if I were looking for a Cary 300B SE I would look at the LX20 version of the sei . It puts out 20 watts as compared to the sei's 11 watts . But they are tough to find .

Good luck .
Eastern Electric M520 integrated made these speakers sing, and don't you know I wish I still had them as they are marvelous!! The amp uses el34's, the best of which I found were Ei 6AC7's, much better than NOS Mullards. Good luck
How about a hybrid integrated? The Unison Unico is a great amp; I owned one with a pair of Epos M12. Paired well with the Epos, which need alot of power.
Thanks for the responses. I'm currently using a 15 watt el84 amp (class A for the first 8 watts) and am very pleased with the results at low to medium volumes. Then I find the music gets a little sloppy at high levels. I'd love to try the 15 watt Cary SEI to see if they can push these speakers at these watts.

Yes I am also considering the Primaluna. I am also looking at the Mastersound line but don't know much about them yet.
I used the deCapo (pre "i" revision) with a pair of Cary 300B monoblocks. There was more than enough clean SPL capability for my needs. Just a data point for you.