Best integrated tube amp for 1500?

Looking for something used in that price range. Ive had VTL, Cary, Rogue, Manley Stingray all recommended. So far, only heard the Rogue Tempest.

Any other recommendations?
Check out the Pathos classic one, it is a hybrid but its looks are second to none- and it sounds good too ;) ~Tim
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I will stand for Stingray if you don't need more than 50W/ch. I will acquire it someday to biamp my speakers for the mids and highs, but it only worth $1500 when you buy it used.
Get a Rogue or a VTL.Both companiesmake a companion power amp to let you laterally bi-amp.So does CJ but think there too soft (I've owned them in past).Maybe another few hundered and a used Cary SLI-80 w/80wpc or a VAC Avatar for $2K.I heard the latter with NOS taking care of buisness with a few different Revel speakers (M20's and Gems) and sounded great.But Cary,VAC,and Manley don't hav matching power amps.Give yourself that flexiblity latter.
I would like to add KR Enterprise(older versions of KR Audio) 18BSI,20BSI. The sound is very dynamic and fast. It is not a "romantic" SET.
saw a british fidelity A1 for $200 from San Francisco advertised today.

it has a phono section and 20W and sounds gorgeous

downside is the age and condition and the chance that it turns into a grenade when the unit has had its day.

might be the best ever integrated!
Try finding a YBA Integre DT (or single transformer). You can probably find some used ones on A-gon. Can't find better for the price (even when bought new).

There is a bunch of people that use the Integre on A-gon. They can tell you more about it...

Look for YBA Integre in the forums. You should find tons of information...

Send me an email if you require more info...
Check out . They have a very nice integrated if you don"t need too much power.

@rhharris If you can go a little higher I have a Line Magnetic LM-88ia available that sounds really nice.

@yogiboy @shtinkydog Ha Ha! I hope so too! I thought I was replying to a recent post with a similar title! 

There is a Line Magnetic on the Agon site now. That would be a good push/pull integrated amp. I have the 216i and really like the build quality and sound. Also some Primaluna models, but I have no experience with that brand.