Best integrated Tube amp as an intro to tubes

I am beginning to venture into the world of tubes. I would like to start somewhat inexpensively and am looking at both the Jolida 302b and VAC Avatar. I am interested in information, technical, practical, and sensory, that will assist my decision. Thanks!
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There was a recently posted Aronov LS-960i for $1250. I would buy it myself, but I already own one. You won't believe how natural, musical, and with bass control to burn.
The list price is $3600, so you can award yourself the bargain hunter of the week award.
You might consider a hybrid int. amp as well. All that you would need to replace would be the small input tubes(12at7/12ax7's)which does not cost a small fortune. I too was curious about getting into tubes. My first venture was the Jolida 102b because it was affordable and used inexpensive EL 84's. Very nice. Also tried out the littlest Jolida hybrid int. amp. Also, very nice. But my latest toy, the Kora "Explorer Si-90" is much, much nicer sounding than either one of the Jolida's. For me, this is the best of both worlds at a very affordable price and replacement 12AT 7's tubes are reasonable. Also, no need to bias this int. amp. Visually an all tube amp is very pleasing, but it does heat things up.
Jolida 302b. It sounds great and is relatively inexpensive.
Sorry Bigpowerballs. I had some trouble with my computer and somehow this post ended up here. I had originally posted in the amp/premp section.
Thanks for the input listener57. I tried to do a little digging on the Aronov. It seems the Aronov website disappeared. I will continue to look for some info in the morning.

The Cayin TA-30 is very good at it's low retail price. I've owned tube integrated amps from more well known companies that didn't come close at twice the price.


Cdilascia, The Aronov Audio site is apparently not being maintained. There is a phone number for them: 323-653-3045.
Their hours of business are 9 am to 5 PM, in California.
Please email me if you need information, as I am a big fan, and their links to product reviews would not all be available with a website not functioning correctly. I wonder if the company knows their website is not up any longer?
The current seller is Audiogon member Rockd31 who is selling the integrated tube amp under the sales heading Aronov 960I with a sales price of $1250. I am not connected to either the seller or the manufacturer. Just a BIG FAN.
I understand that Aronov has gone into the high end repair business. I have owned their amps and would certainly buy again. In fact, in the future I plan to have an intergrated in my bedroom and the Aronov is my first choice. I have also owned Jolida which sounded OK but not in the same ball park as Aronov IMHO. it offers very good bass, beautiful mids and extended, detailed high without any fatigue. It's a good idea to start with at least one product that you can build a system around. the Aronov is that kind of unit.
good luck in your search.
I spoke with Mike Aronov on Wednesday to let him know his site wasn't up, which he was surprised to hear. These are great guys to deal with and they make terrific products.
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Look into the Joule VAMP. Good luck!