best integrated to go with Talon Khites?

What would be the best integrated to go with Talon Khites? I am thinking about the Plinius or Moon but want to keep the cost under $3000. Any suggestions? Thanks
Hi:i have a moon i-5 and brought over a pair of khites,well they sounded terrible,i don't know what the problem was but it was not a good match at least in my system,just check before you buy.
I am using the Creek 5350SE on an office system with Khites
Very nice combo
The alchemists Product 8 integrated works very well with it and is under $2000. The Aronov integrated amp is wonderful with it if you can find a used one - - it is tube. The Magnum dynalab MD 208 receiver which is a spectacular component to begin with works very well. The Rowland is very nice with it. As is the Musical fidelity M3. I am a Talon dealer and those are the units that I have hooked up to the Khites in different situations. At this time I am using the Red rose integrated very nice but expensive.

I only carry a couple of the lines mentioned above.
Anyone tried the Plinius 8100 or 8200 with the Khites?