Best Integrated, period.

Has anyone compared, Gryphon Diablo, Gamut Di150, Vitus SS101, Krell FBI, APL UA-S1 Jeff Rowland Continuum 500? Please add what you found to be best integrated.
Tell me your insights on each. How was the vitus ri 100 and the audio flight 2
Hi Calvin, I only heard the Audia Flight 2 briefly, but it sounded quite lively (dynamic), neutral in tone (perhaps with a touch of warmth) and quiet. The remote is nice, but a bit fiddly to use.

The RI-100 punches well above its weight for what you get. It offers tremendous power and control & will drive any real world speaker load. The RI-100 is a 300watt class a/b amp. It has Vitus essential house sound being that fluid, expressive, analogue-like sound. The RI-100 is much more propulsive and lively in the bass of course than the AF2. It is a little warm, but on the slightly dark side of neutral to my ears. One really remarkable thing about this amp is the way it can adapt to and sound terrific with a range of speakers. That said, Vitus has known synergy with Magico. This guy paired an RI-100 with this Q7's!

With the above said, my Vitus SIA-025 is even more pure, mellifluous and resolving & also sounds warmer operating in Class A. It is the more sophisticated of the two, but the RI-100 is good. Very good for the money.
Like Melbguy1, I also own a Vitus SIA-025. My speakers are Magico Q5's. I recently sold my entire system. Now excluding my Q5's, I have a much smaller 5 box(DAC, Phono Stage, Integrated amp, Turntable/speed control and Music server)system. My room area now(living room/den, kitchen and dining room) is about 600sqf with 10ft ceilings. When desired there is no lack of power. The Vitus produces a very tight and strong bottom end. It could not sound more real! I tire quickly of exaggerated. The Vitus SIA-025 is extremely flexible and has some great internal adjustments. It is a fully balanced integrated amp from input to output that just sounds great. As far as ypsilon goes I own VPS 100. It is an amazing phono stage. It's fit, finish, quality and RIAA are unrivaled. I would never hesitate to suggest their products to anyone. Ypsilon also has a 5 year warrantee. Which many(Vitus) don't and I believe should. I would not hesitate to buy their other products. Hope I did not ramble to much.
Thanks, for the input fellas. I always wondered what owners of the vitus gear thought. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to go deeper in this hobby or downsize. I had a great listening session arc ref3 on revels,high fidelity cables and resonessence dac. Best sound I have ever had. I know it can get better if I get even better with even better components that's why this hobby is crazy
Calvin, it makes sense that the Revels would sound good with ARC tubes as Revel (Harmon) voiced their early speakers with classic Infinity speakers, who in turn voiced their speakers with ARC tubes. I'm glad you've found a sound you enjoy. Nice choice of gear!