Best Integrated. Krell, Bryston, Creek, others?

I am thinking of selling my ARC D-200 amp / LS-3B preamp to go to a high quality integrated. I will be able to spend $1300 or $1400. I am running some RBH 6 inch bookshelf speakers with a Velodyne F-1200 servo sub. Don't need concert level sound. I want quality over quantity. I like a very detailed sound with full bass. Your thoughts? Thanks for your time.
I've had the Krell 300i and the Creek 5350 and I can safely say, it depends on the speakers. I absolutely love both of them. With Sonus Faber Electa Amator 1 and Concerto's Krell was best, with Sonus Faber Signums and Silverline SR 17's the Creek was best. The difference is significant. The Creek offers a very listenable phono stage as an available option, and it is just fine for my Benz Glider and Rega P3 table.

So my advice is pick your speaker and ask again, or buy either one and try some speakers.
I use the original Classe CAP-100 to drive Spica TC-60's. It's got the optional phono section that does a good job with my P25/Dynavector combo. The Classe's built like a tank and used falls into your range.
take a look at models from simaudio and plinius
I wouldn't trade for integrated in your case unless you've got space issues.
Good advice re: thinking abt speakers first, or at any rate at the same time. Synergy makes or breaks. That said, I have a Naim Nait3 and *love* it. It's just so engaging -- rythmic, in tune, dynamic. Not quite so airy or sound stagey as some, but those strike me as audio artifacts rather than musical qualities. You can pick one up on the 'Gon for considerably less than the $1300 you are thinking of. Be carful to get a phono board, though. A Niat5 bwill set you back about $1500, and I think you have to get an outboard phono stage for it.