Best Integrated for under $1000

I am in the need for a integrated amp for my Audio Physic Tempo EX's. Tubes or SS or hybrid. Jazz and Classical some Pop.any suggestions?
A used YBA Integre if you can find one. The best SS 50 watts I've ever heard. Owned one for 7 years. happy hunting
For under $1K easier to find YBA's cousin the Audio Refinement Compete. Most listeners could not tell the difference between the Complete and the single transformer YBA Integre..

For a difference taste in sound look at some of the newer Creek Models like the 5350SE.
Also the hybrid Unison Unico used is quite nice.

I forgot about the Blue Circle CS Integrated. Check it out also.
YBA Integre DT. You will absolutely love it.
Yeah, the DT version of the Integre is nice, but don't waste your time looking for one, unless you're willing to spend at least $1300 for a used one.
plinius 8100 used, built like a tank and sounds great.
I'd check out a used Classe CAP-100.
Antique sound labs AQ1003 DT
A few years back, I compared several integrateds. Amongst them was the YBA Integre Alpha DT. It was very nice.

However, to my ears, liked the Audio Analogue Puccini SE better. It was slightly lushly colored in the mid's, but it was OH so musical, more so than the YBA, and 2 other amps (2.5-4 times the price!). The SE is the way to go, with dual transformers and more dynamic power. It also has a built-in phono section, pretty good.

The new version comes with remote, though it may be harder to find used. Still, a dealer may be willing to deal on a new or demo unit, it floats around the $1100 to $1200 list I believe.

Lots of luck.
Audio Aero Prima mkI. Hybrid int with 3 inputs and a pre out. Had mine for a couple years with no complaints. Check the web site for details and purchase.
Musical Fidelity A300 150wpc.
I don't know about the Musical Fidelity piece mentioned previously at that price level. However, the older $5k integrated that MF made was simply world class, and the best I've ever heard!..and I've sold some mondo high end gear over the years...that thing was just gorgeous sounding!..migh be worth looking into as Cdc mentioned above.
However, I have dealt in the bargain little Jolida's at that price level or bellow used. For as little as $400-$1000 you can get a sonically superb little Jolida SJ502 or 801 integrated that sounds stellar with the right tubes and even some mod's! I think you'll love the sound with your Physic's! You might check into them. We used to have the jolida hooked up to Some Audio Physic's Tempo III's, and it was quite good. But, you might prefer SS with them, everyone is different.
Personally, I've always found the YBA's to be just "OK" stuff!..not much better than Classe, really. Infact, The Classe integrateds are probably better...but you might try and see. The Plinius is probably a good try for SS

I have had a NAD 3020I integrated amp. It was nice and simple to use. The phono preamp is good. I had this little amp for about 5 years and I was very satisfied. Then,I changed for a REGA Mira integrated amp. Wow! What a difference! The sound is more dynamic and warm. I have the 1999 version of this amp. I like it very much. The only default is that it emits a lot of heat. In this case, I use a fan and the amp stays cold. The phono preamp is excellent for my turntable Rega Planar 25. The compatibility with my Rega Alya speaker is excellent. I recommend this amp without any shy.
I have a pair of Audio Physic Tempo II's, same speaker as the EX minus upgraded tweeter(I am looking for a pair of EX's,they are rare). I tried them with a YBA Integre DT and it was a very bad match, very lean and fatiguing sound. I got rid of the YBA. I am currently using an Electrocompaniet ECI 3 to drive them with great results. Excellent timing and soundstage with a nice,lush, tube-like midrange. I've seen this integrated on audiogon for under a thousand dollars and highly recommend it,it has remote control and balanced inputs and outputs as well.I have been very happy with this combination for the last three years(!) and that's coming from a guy who used to get upgradeitis every other month!!
Exertfluffer, The A300 retailed for $1,500 new. Sells used at A-gon for $1,000. Sound is tubelike. May have more bass than the cr series as it seems the choke may restrict current flow as well as cleaning it up.
I'm quite pleased with my Blue Circle CS. The price new is 1150. It's very hard to find it used though.

I just read a review of the Cayin integrated at seem to like it a lot and it's cheap.