Best Integrated for the Money

I am moving into a condo for a few months and am looking for a integrated to power my Aerial 10t's! anyone know of a great one for the $$$! Must have a little power for my speakers! I have owned all the krell stuff so I am looking for something new. Tubes or SS is fine!


If you are only needing it for a few months then a Mcintosh MA6500 or MA6900 would have a fast re-sell.
Manley Stingray will do the job for you. It will power the Aerial's and some hard to drive speakers to satisfying levels and do it with class. Those who have owned it will attest to its prowess. Lush mids, punchy tight bass.Its 50W El84 power output is optimized for 5 ohm impedence. Tubes are plentiful and inexpensive as well as good sounding. You really cant lose here at its price...Best to you!//Ken
For $1,500 new I would definately look at the antique sound lab AQ1001DT (new version) then add NOS input tubes (the power tubes are pretty good).
Jadis Orchestra Reference, used if you can find one, IMHO.
musical fidelity a 5 intergrated
My vote for the best integrated is the Plinius 8150 or 8200 MK II.Anything by this company is great bang for the buck.
TRL st 225...better than most seperates
What is your budget? "For the money" could be what is best for $10,000 or $1,000.
I "ditto" J Mcfarland's Jadis Orchestra Reference.
Hi Troy,
You may want to take a look at the DK Design Ref. MKII. I am very jaded with most equipment and was not sure i would like it since i am used to a vertical bi-amp setup. The DK is a great unit with lots of power,detail and spaciousness. The DK also has a phono stage,looks great and is built very nicely. Oh, and the meter is really cool!!! DK Design also has a new signature version if you want the best they have but with no meter and some people like that. Good luck in your search!!!

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Musical Fidelity A300, you could find an used one for about $1000.
Simaudio I-5 or I-5 LE
Search google for "Integrated Amplifier"

The results will be at least as useful as the arbitrary list that you'll get on this thread.
If you really want to save money, the Jungson JA88C at $3-400 is a great amp. I would would also second the ASL AQ1001- I've used an early version almost everday in a second system for almost 3 years- very musical in triode mode, and reliable- these older ones are a great value used for ~$600.
Thanks for all the opinions! I might add that I will need a remote and I dont want to spend more than $3000.00 used! The DK design looks very nice! How many have used one of these? Thanks,
I think the AVI integrated is superb for the price.
I've had several integrated amps over the years and currently like the Qinpu A-1.0x - their A-8000 is supposed to be even better sonically but does not have a remote volume. As far as American integrated amps go one of my favorites is the Rowland Concentra.
the mac integrateds have the juice and the flexibility to drive the 10t's in any room. very neutral ss, and they will let the aerial get the bass response they are capible of.
The Antique Sound Lab DT 1001 is a real bang for the buck. With nos tubes this amp is really quite something. Many are sold here on Agon for $600.00 or so.

I tried the Aerials with a number of amps. The result with a Symphonic Line Kraft-something (integrated) was very good -- excellent control of the spkr (I actually didn't much like the spkr until I tried that integrated).

Unfortunately, the Symphonic Line is expensive afaik (but maybe available used at 3k?)
Blue Circle NSCS
plinius 8200
Rogue Audio Cronus, all tube, 55WPC, $1795, high quality components; sounds absolutely fabulous through Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs. Speaker Cables are Tara RSC 1000, biwire.
the chord cpm 2600 is hard to beat for the $$. I really enjoy mine. Check out the review in the absolute sound, don't put any stock in it but for what it's worth, it is one of their golden ear winners.