Best Integrated for Sonus Faber


I am in search for a complete 2 channel System and have ended with Totem and Sonus Faber as the speakers of choice. Can you please let me know some choices for SF Grand Piano and SF Concerto Domus ( floor standers ) that have the best system synergy:

1. Best SS Integrated

2. Best all tube Integrated

3. Best Hybrid Integrated

Room size is 16 x 16 x 8. I like lush mid-range with sweet sounding vocals, instruments and jazz...I can say I like tubes.

Blue Circle NSCS (ss) or FtTH (hybrid). BC gear sounds great with SF Cremonas.
Agree with the BlueCircle for hybrid. Look also at Unison and Pathos. Would recommend Plinius solid state.
Any more feedback you guys can add ?

First, a disclaimer that I am a Blue Circle dealer.

I've only heard the BC-Sonus Faber match with the Cremonas and the Grand Piano, but both seemed to match very well. The Blue Circle NSCS (ss) is an excellent integrated, with performance that makes it difficult to recommend entry-level BC separates. However, if you can afford it, the FtTH hybrid is a whole new shares the same amp stage as the NSCS, but the preamp stage is far more sophisticated (and is tubed), giving it significantly more depth and sophistication. While it is rated at lower power, it does not sound lower powered driving 89db/6ohm speakers.

I don't have any first hand experience listening to either of these integrateds with Totem speakers, but there are a lot of BC/Totem systems out there...
I have a pair of sf concerto domus driving by Primare i30 and cd31. I personally think they are really worth looking at after comparing with Krell 400xi, YBA, Unison Research SE. Primare i30 and cd31 just make my sf Concerto domus sound the way i wanted them to and with that price, you can't get any better. Anyway music is very personal, so it I wounld suggest you audit them. Cheers