Best Integrated for Sonus Faber


I am in search for a complete 2 channel System and have ended with Totem and Sonus Faber as the speakers of choice. Can you please let me know some choices for SF Grand Piano and SF Concerto Domus ( floor standers ) that have the best system synergy:

1. Best SS Integrated

2. Best all tube Integrated

3. Best Hybrid Integrated

Room size is 16 x 16 x 8. I like lush mid-range with sweet sounding vocals, instruments and jazz...I can say I like tubes.

1.Jeff Rowland Concerto Int.
2.Graaf GM50B
3.Pathos Logos

And some other SS integrateds will work fine as well-like Ayre AX7e or Krell KAV400xi...
the sonus fabers, as well as totem, respond best to any quality ss integrated with lots of power. if you go 'tube' you're talking integrateds in the mac/arc relm(lots of grunt), but ss is still more favorable given the sonus faber's warmer character.

Thanks Jaybo and Branimir for letting me know the choices.

I did not mean to quote ony one choice....may be a couple of choices for each. That way I will have some options.

I second Branimir's choices with addition Cary SLI80 Signature F1 & Manley Stingray & Plinius 9200.
Very EASY!

Tube Integrated: SLI-80 (See my system. Grand Pianos and SLI-80)
Hybrid: Unison Research Unico or Unico SE
Solid State: Creek 5350SE or Sonus Faber Musica..

How anout the following options

1. Plinius 9200, YBA Passion Integre, Sim Audio I-5

2. Conrad Johnson CAV 50, Manley Stingray, Primaluna Prologue 2

3. BAT VK-300X, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 Integrated

I used to own the SF Grand Pianos. My personal experience:

Worst SS integrated with the GP's: Sim Audio I-5 (dry,dark and lifeless, huge bass but artificial one-note thump, and not just with the Grand Pianos by the way)This integrated is the proverbial steal - for the manufacturer that is.

Best SS integrated: Electrocompaniet EC-3 (liquid smooth, beautifull, but watch the ones with the faulty volume controls - there may be some out there still) Also very nice: Arcam A-85, more alive and much faster than the electro, has a crystal-clear sound, more detailed but not,''tubey-sounding'' like the electro. Arcam's a different school, but I absolutely loved the flexibility.

Worst tube integrated: Conrad Johnson CAV-50 (way too buttery)

Best tube integrated: Cayin 88-T , amazing for the price.

Hybrids: No experience on the Sonus speakers.
Let me correct my previous post and add more to the list:

1. Plinius 9200, YBA Passion Integre, Sim Audio I-5, Gryphon Callisto 2200

2. Conrad Johnson CAV 50, VAC Avatar Super, Jadis Orchestra Rererence, Manley Stingray, Primaluna Prologue 2

3. BAT VK-300X, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 Integrated
I purchased the McIntosh MCD205 CD player and the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amplifier for my Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus speakers. The extra power plus the tube like quality of the MA6900 make these speakers really stand out. I switched from a 50wpc BOW Wazoo Integrated to the 200 wpc McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amp. The bass was better and the overall sound quality was excellent. These speakers need high power to sound good. I was very surprised at how good my system sounds and so were my friends. I suggest you listen to your speakers with several different amplifiers and make your own decision.
if you like a tube like sound out of solid state gear, take a listen to the Chord cpm 2600 integrated. Chord gear is used to master all recordings in the Abbey Road studios in the UK -- a fantastic maker of fine amps. see link below,_tuners,_and_integrated_amps/stereo_receivers_integrated_amplifiers/chord_usa_-_bluebird_music_ltd./cpm_2600/3174.jsp
I sold my McIntosh 6900 Integrated to finance the purchase
of a Primaluna Prologue 2 ($1300) and have never looked back.
I can sincerely say, I wouldn't swap for a brand new 6900 if

Can Primalune Prologue 2 drive these SG Grand Piano Domus Speakers ? I think it has only 40 watts/channel

There is a simple solution for your needs and one integrated that CLEARLY cream all the options offered above - the DK Design Group VS-1 Reference Mk. 3 or the Signature. It is perfect for driving Totems and Sonus Fabers.

Here is why:

1. The DK has enormous power output, 800W into 1 ohm before clipping.
2. Perfect square wave response at 1kHz, therefore very accurate midrange reproduction.
3. Incredible dynamics - your Sonus Fabers will sing like never before and dissapear into a 3D soundstage.
4. The DK has a tube pre-amp section creating very nice dimesionality and smoothness, but without sacraficing dynamics and impact.
5. I challange you compare the DK to any of the above mentioned integrateds. It will totally smoke them.