Best Integrated for Martin Logan Motion 40's

Hey guys,

New to the forum but just have a question that has been on my mind.  I have an NAD C326bee integrated amp which was used to power my B&W 685's.  Having recently sold those, I have upgraded to the Martin Logan Motion 40's which I fell in love with while demoing.  Having said that, I don't know if I should look into a new amp as well.  If I were to buy, my budget would be roughly $800-1k.  The NAD seems to do okay with the ML's but if anyone has any suggestions please provide feedback.  I am not pushing the speakers to crazy levels and listen to a wide variety of music (I have a DAC so an amp with a built in wouldn't be needed). Thanks!
I liked the ML Motion series as well, until, I discovered that they are made (in part) in china. You will have no problem finding an integrated to match w/ these speakers.  NAD, Cambridge or Rotel will work fine.