Best Integrated for Martin Logan Motion 12's?

I'm struggling to pinpoint an Integrated with enough power, as well as accurate and dynamic.. I'm finding these types of things are found in a slightly higher price bracket.. Trying to stay at 1000..
Lower frequency is important as is speed soundstage and depth.. People have suggested the pm8004 in the past... Is this my only option? Used is my best option I'm sure.. Had the creek 50a in mind... However the output wattage is a little short... Though its Dynamics precision and clarity were points of interest.. Saw a Shengya a-216 pushing more watts.. But I'm hesitant about it.. Chifi.. Also the outlaw audio Rr2150.. Again more reasonable power but at perhaps a loss of Sq...
Any suggestions are welcome..

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Thanks guys... I've been looking also at a musical fidelity A3.2 or a300, actually started this search with the music hall a35.2 and a50.2...ive looked all over the Web. Researched a lot of unknown manufacturers.. Found lots of complaints or rather... Shortcomings.. Though I realize this is a subjective and component related pursuit.. Rooms.. Speakers.. Cables and dac's all play a roll. I'm sure at this price point a sacrifice must be made.. I'm still keeping a close eye on this and other hi-fi auction sites.. Demo units from retailers.. Trade ins.. The rogue sphinx for a few Bills more.. Though at 1100 which got a thumbs up from the banker... Though I think this pursuit it beginning to ware her down.. The hybrid is of interest to me as well.. Seems the 1500 mark starts a new level of consumption...
I'm one to get caught up in specs.. S/n.. Thd... Damping... Freq range... I enjoy a lot of music that plays with the low end.. I want something that can produce something more dynamic on that side.. Thanks again.
Perhaps you'll be best served by incorporating a sub woofer in your set up. You can dial them in at agreeable frequencies and many are active, so the main amp isn't saddled with making the lower octaves stand out.
Something with tubes. Then get some Amperex gold pins for the input tubes. I have a bunch of ML gear and they love tubes ...
What are some numbers I should consider for tube amplification? My price range for a full tube set up might only afford me limited wattage.. 50 watts enough? Not trying to have extended concert level sessions moderate to moderately loud... Get away with a jolida jd302? Or do I need more power? The lady isn't too enthusiastic about the look of tubes.. Though I think a cage may sway some minds... Again thanks for the knowledge..
I'm one to get caught up in specs.. S/n.. Thd... Damping... Freq range...
Not really a good idea, as most of the time the differences you see are actually meaningless to how the amp will perform with a certain speaker, unless they are not within the range of what would be considered for quality equipment. Sometimes a very low Thd is achieved by using a large amount of negative feedback resulting in poor sound quality.

Good dynamics in the low end at a moderately loud volume will definitely require excellent power. I'm sure a Musical Fidelity A300 would have no problem, if you can find one. They rarely come up for sale, and will sell quick if not priced too high.