best integrated for kef105.3 4ohm

if you can give me the best under 1000, 2000, and 3000 (doubt i'll spend that much) i'd appreciate it.
KEF 105/III's are a tough load to drive. 2.9 ohm impedance in the bass. A lot of amps will not be happy driving this speaker. Tried a Classe integrated on mine and quickly blew out the fuses. Gave up on integrateds after that and stayed with seperates. Look for an amp that is rated down to 2 ohms for best results (there aren't that many).
Check to see with a Krell dealer or call dealer to see if the 150 watt 300i will stay stable to 2 ohms.If it will I have one to sell at $1500.Has way more power than my B&W 802 Matrix III's can use.A nice amp made in '97 the only reason I am giving it up is I have a nice Mac pre and am going to get a set of Tube Mono blocks and some new speakers after that.
Considering your price range you may want to think about the Aragon 4004 Mk. II amplifier which can be had used for about $875.00, leaving you with money left over for a preamp. I believe that this is amp is stable to 2 ohms. I know you are looking for an integrated but I can't think of any which would be suitable in your price range.
Check the specs on the Sim Audio Moon I5. Only 60 watts, but it may be stable to 2 ohms. I also know of an Aragon 4004 for sale, as mentioned in the post above. You can email if you are interested.
No brainer. The New Krell 300iL.
Oh yeah.If you really want to rock on the cheap get a chance to hear the Acurus DIA 150.It's a nice 150 watts with a passive pre stage.It is a good value at $1600list but folks are stealing thwm at $600 on 'Gon and ebay.Forget that your not paying big bucks and just lsiten.It's alos built like a sherman tank (actually it is made by a comapny that makes military equipment).I think it has nuts and will stay stable with the low load.It might not equal the Krell but it will be 1/3 the price and a much better deal.Have had a few of my non-phile freinds get them and they love it.Us we gotta pay the big $$$.