best integrated for jm Reynaud twins

I'm looking for that elusive "magical" combination- s.s. integrated (sub-2k, in price) to go with the twins-medium sized room, listen to small scale acoustic type stuff- also any suggestions for front-end (cd) and cabling would be much appreciated- thanks-Adam
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Suggest you audition the Audio Refinement Complete Amp and either Harmonic Tech or MIT cables.
Try the Sim Moon I-5 ($1200-1400 used) or maybe Creeks new 5350 ($1500 new) int. Both have a preamp out for hooking up the subwoofer you add later with the money you saved.
I'm in love with my Classe CAP-100 (vintage 1997) and Synergistic Research Sig. 2 speaker cables. I listen to a Rega Planar 25 and I'm in the market for a DAC or new CD player. Good luck.
I'd add the Bryston B-60 integrated amp to your list -- it's a very fine unit.
I understand that the audiomat aperge is a natural with the twins.I have the prelude reference with the offrandes and it is heaven for me.
The arperge retails for about $1800.
Good luck
Try contacting "Figuy" that is a member here on Audiogon. He has the Twins and is running them with YBA "Audio Refinement Complete" integrated and CD. He's played with cables, etc... and seems to be pretty happy with the combo. I don't know exactly what cables he has where, but he was running YBA Diamond's for speaker cables, etc... Must be something about "French Synergy" or something : ) Sean
PS... His name is Sean also....
I've got the AR Complete and Twins mkII, the combination is really magical, to say the least. Rich, textured, engaging, and quite powerful. There are plenty of members here and that have this combination and are extrememly happy, especially since I got the Complete with remote control for $650 used here on Audiogon. Don't let that price fool you, the Twins /Complete math is made in heaven.

For me, it was a shoot out between the AR Complete and the Audio Analogue Puccini SE. Both have very similar tonal qualities, but I felt the Complete offered better low frequency control and detail. Although, the Puccini has been updated since then.

But, if you are considereing up to $2k, I would seriously consider the AR Complete's big brother - the YBA Integre. It has all the qualities of the Complete, but even better(at 2x price).

Another thing I highly suggest is replacing the stock power cord with an aftermarket IEC cord. You don't have spend mega -bucks, the $60 Asylum cord works wonders. Or make it yourself, DIY style, it's fairly easy if you can solder 6 wires and will drastically improve sound by removing low level background noise.