Best Integrated for JM Labs Micro Utopia BE

Downsizing and starting fresh. All the big boxes, wires, conditioners and cables going downstairs to the new dedicated theater/listening room. Wife loves me now. Going back to the simple life with a new pair of JM Micro's and an Esoteric Uni-player. What is the best integrated to drive these little guys? My dealer is suggesting a JR Concerto, but is that too much amp given their efficiency?

Thanks in advance!
I have spent a week with the Micro's, very nice speaker. Though I have not listened to the two together I think the combination of the VTL IT-85 and the Micro's might be a wonderful combo.
Try the DK Design Group VS-1 Mk.3 or the VS-1 Signature. The sound is extremely warm, but very controlled, with excellent dynamics, slam, and detail retrieval. Also, killer 3d soundstage. Your Utopias will sound better then ever.
I'm driving my Micro Utopia Be's with a pair of JRDG 201 monoblocks. I don't think its overkill at all. I play my music pretty loud at times and the Utopia's can rock and never sound strained. I believe that more drivers are blown because of amps clipping more than over heated voice coils.

You can't go wrong with the Rowland/JM Lab combo. Make sure you get the Utopia Stands. The speakers were voiced with those stands.
I believe the Micros are voiced with YBA amps, Mcintosh has a nice integrated too at under 2000.00 in the MA6500. Lots of nice choices with the Micros.
Thank you for your quick responses. Haven't heard of DK Design and I don't think it is available in my area (Tokyo). Will look into the VTL's... Island, I'm glad to hear your feedback. Those mono's are also rated at 250 wpc? Also, yes I have ordered the stands. I was concerned because I read somewhere that JM recommends up to 150 wpc...

Thanks again,
JM Lab works great with McIntosh (that is what I have). The 6500 is great but so is the 6900. Don't worry about having too much power. Arthur
If you can afford the Chapter Audio Precis,I would recommend it whole hardedly.The looks are to die for and the sound is even better.It will have a review this year in The Absolute Sound.It is a killer.
Both the McIntosh and Jeff Rowland gear are readily available here, so I think an in-home audition is in order! Price-wise the JRDG is a bit steeper at a USD equivalent of $8250 vs. the McIntosh MA 6900 at roughly $5k. How do these prices compare to U.S. dealers?

Also, sent an e-mail to DK Designs and Edge Electronics, am waiting to hear back from them. Edge now ships to Japan so that might be interesting. Anyone have any experience with their G3?

Forgive my stating the obvious, but have you considered local products (Accuphase for example: you live in Japan, no?) -- rather than pay for transportation & tax & duties...
I may decide to finally get a pair of Micros in a year or so to build a second system in my place and if I do, I'm going to pair it with a Jadis integrated. We've discussed this topic here before and I think the Micros would do terrifically with tubes.
The MICROS are definitely a world class speaker.Regardless of cost.I have an acquaintance who drives them with a Manley Neo Classic 250.I have heard them driven beautifully with the BAT integrated amp(I think around 60 wpc).

These are truly stunning speakers,and hold their own against steeper competition.The Jadis mentioned would be absolutely STUNNING,yet there are quite a few fabulous amp contenders,at all price points.

One thing for sure(as my friend found out,since he switched from a massive fullrange mega buck system,to the MICROS),you most likely are NOT downgrading going in this direction.Provided you pay close attention to the room!

It really is amazing how some technology can really push the envelope.The MICROS sure do!!

Speedy, I agree. I used 'downgrade' in jest... Incidentally I have decided on the Jeff Rowland Concerto. Ultimately the small footprint and the fact that it runs cool made the decision for me, more so than sonic befits. I have a few curious munchkins running around here that love to stick their finger in places they shouldn't... Perhaps down the road I'll switch to tubes for a different presentation. That's part of the enjoyment anyway--to hear things in a way you haven't heard them before.

The equipment comes next weekend--can't wait. First disc will be Alebeniz' Iberia recorded by Alicia de Laroccha. I find piano music particularly enjoyable on the Micro's. Laroccha's piano will be mind-blowing on this setup!

Thanks to everyone for their input.

I am running the Miro Be s with a Jadis DA88s integrated . Its an absolute match made in heaven, rich detailed sound and fantastic imaging.It does take well to tubes
I used to own Diva Be and tried a few different amps including the Rowland 201. If you are set on integrated, I would suggest Mcintosh 2275. I think Jadis and Accuphase would be great too. The digital amps can be good but the treble of digital amps is not up to par with Be tweeter.