Best integrated for BW802?

Great site, I've read hundreds of posts, so this is my question: Budget UNDER $7500 for amp/preamp/integrated to run 'oldie but goodie' 802's in my loft. 12' ceiling, big 1200 sq ft space. Mostly play vinyl and listen to weird low powered FM stations. thanks for any suggestions.
McIntosh MA 6600 integrated amp, with perhaps the HD radio tuner option. Two hundred very musical watts, nice features including MM phono and headphones, and great build. It will make your speakers sing, and bring a smile to your face.
Krell S300i or any of the Musical Fidelity top ones, M3, 300, 500,550, 750. I use the M3 myself. The Krell is a giveaway!
The Luxman integrateds are awfully nice and come w/ good phono stages! ...and they look super cool, too!!!
I have a McIntosh ma6900 and it's not bad, but I highly recommend you check out the luxman integrated amps. The class a (550 and 590) integrated are awesome. Not quite as balls to the walls as the McIntosh amps but much much more musical.
B&W 800-series are liked by many with McIntosh, Classe, Rowland, Levinson amplification. I drive my 804S with McIntosh MC275 which is a great tube amp, but I think doesn't have enough power for your 802. BTW, since it's an "oldie" I assume it's an N802?

200 Wpc will certainly drive those speakers, but if I were you and had that budget I'd probably go with separates, buying used: McIntosh MC402 amp (400 Wpc, solid state) and preamp. If you prefer less hassle matching I'd go with McIntosh C45 or C46 (solid state) or a C2200 or C220 (tubes).

I'm personally looking into a preamp and looking at other brands than McIntosh, but my budget is limited and my goals are pretty high on sonics and less so on avoiding hassle of finding and operating the unit. That's why I suggest Mc pres for low hassle.

I hope this helps. Let us know what you decide and how it goes.

Good luck,