Best integrated for B&W 704 and Rega Apollo

I'm searching for a new integrated amp for my B&W 704s, hoping to stay around $11500 used. I'm soon to get a Rega Apollo CD player. Don't yet have a turntable. I tried a Sim I-5, loved the quickness and detail. (I thought it was remarkable in how each instrument in the music retained its own tonal quality. It's been my experience that even amps that are reputed to be neutral rather seem to discolor the music and make it sound grey.) But I also thought the I-5 was too bright and underpowered for my speakers. I need good power for low-volume listening, not high volumen. Auditioned the new Bryston 100ST, found it to be thin. Am thinking about a Musical Fidelity A308 but I can't audition it because I can't find anyone in my area who has it. I like that it's reputed to sound tube-ish, but if it's like the newer MF A3.5 or A5 then I'm afraid it will sound too sluggish and have poor imaging.

I'm basically looking for something that has the quickness, if not the great detail, of the Sim, but also sounds full and warm, and has power. Any ideas?

Thanks, R
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As for my last post well I might have to take that back. I have brought in some equipment from the shed and am doing some testing to make sure it is all good and then it will go on the auction block.

I have 3 pre amps I am testing I have tested 2 so far using the amp section of the A308 integrated. One was a little on the bright side. The one I have hooked up now is shall we say much better. I had the wife sit down and do some listening to this pre and the pre section of the integrated and the presentation of the standalone pre is more even not as bright and the bass response is better.

I need to do some critical testing of the standalone pre and the integrated pre section to be sure I haven't lost anything and am actually gaining what I think I am.

I can't believe I am even considering this but a change may be in order. I have been a happy owner of the A308 integrated for almost 3 years now.

The A308 is by no means slugish and has beyond belief imaging.

Good luck in your search.
A 4th vote for the Classe CAP-151. I had the older CAP-100 before driving B&W's and the sound fit what you've described -glorious mids and very tube-like with ample bass slam. I can just imagine the CAP-151 driving the 704's with more ease and extension.
Thanks for the responses thusfar. Artizen, I don't think I'm too reassured by what you say. Within a couple of hours you went from being in love to being almost ready to sell? Although I didn't like the MF A3.5 and A5 (I thought those were definitely sluggish and the imaging was almost nonexistent) there was nevertheless something about the MF sound that I liked. Let me know if you're really thinking about selling. I like what I'm hearing about the Classe as well.
Creek or Naim both make lovely british amps that your B&W's will love. Great low volume sound. I love my Brystons, but a little old Creek integrated replaced it. It has a juicy rythym and pace that my Bryston never had.