Best integrated for $500?

I'm looking to finally upgrade my old Onkyo receiver into a good integrated. I have the Onkyo, a Rotel 1072 cd, and a Creek DAC/passive preamp powering my golden, beloved Triangle Titus 202 speakers (on Mapleshade floor stands). I'm leaning towards Rogue Audio for a used integrated, but with my current set-up (and a small room), what would you all suggest for the $500 range (used)?

p.s. before my divorce a decade ago, my system was Maggie 3.6R's powered by an ARC VS-110 fed by a Blue Circle 2.1 pre and a Musical Fidelity cd player. I'll never go back to that level, but I do appreciate a beautiful soundstage.
There is Audio Analogue integrated here on sale for about $500. It is Italian design, sounds good and warm. If it has enough power for you, it should do.
With the Titus 202 in a small room you have a lot of options, as you don't need much power. I have the same Titus model in my office powered by Boulder Cable modified TEAC tripath amp (30wx2), which is more than enough. Interestingly, I also had the Creek OBH-14 for years, and while living in Europe for two years, my system consisted of the Creek with Rawson gainclone, and my Triangle Titus 202. Which brings me to a question; why integrated amp when you have a passive pre built into the Creek DAC? On the other hand, the Creek DAC may not be up to par with with your system potential. I found it very sensitive to jitter, BUT using a Monarchy DIP Upsampler made a day and night difference.
Knowing the speakers, and how much importance the quality of the source makes with them, I 'm tempted to ditch the creek and recommend a used Peachtree Decco II (integrated tube hybrid with a Sabre DAC)- there is one just listed here today for $580. Or find a good Tripath or a lower powered tube amp that has high enough impedance to work with a passive pre- and squeeze a Monarchy DIP into the budget ( go for about $100-140 used on Audiogon).
My second system evolution has gone from system 1: PC-> Trend USB to coax converter ->Monarchy Upsampler -> Creek OBH-14-> Rawson gainclone -> Triangle Titus 202; to system 2: iMac -> HRT Music Streamer II -> Luminous Audio Axiom Passive pre -> Boulder modded TEAC Tripath -> Triangle Titus 202. Not entirely fair comparison as amplification and rooms have changed, but there is no comparison in how much more resolution there is in my current system, as well as soundstage and imaging. No harshness, nothing bright. Go figure, the HRT streamer goes for $150.
Sorry for causing you more confusion... but when you sort it out, it sure might be worth it in the end.
I would think that a used Creek integrated amplifier would be a solid choice. A while back I had 4240 driving Spica TC-50 speakers and it was a very good combination.
Rogue make a very good-sounding, very well-built integrated and I bet you would be very happy with it over your Onkyo. It's the tubes--they just make music so liquid.

Even tube amps don't all sound the same, though, so here's another suggestion, just in case you get the chance to compare: an Audio Space AS-3i. It sounds lovely too, but different.

And of course there are more.
Asking your question on this forum is sort of like asking a fashion designer forum who makes the strongest shoe strings.

I think you need to look (listen) hard at your local brick and mortar electronics store and you may be pleasantly surprised by something with a household brand name. You might also be surprised how well your existing Onkyo performs against audiophile brand name components.

All that is not to say that I don't really appreciate the cool factor of some of the components already suggested in this thread. I just think that when you want excellent amplification for low investment, the efficiently mass produced receivers are the way to go.

Or, you could buy a Nad or Arcam:).
Have a listen to the Yamaha A-S500? WhatHiFi had only good things to say. has a great price on it. I would also check out the Rega Brio 3.
Audio Refinement Complete. Very stable at 4 ohms, rated 50 to 8 and 90 to 4. Neutral, solid bottom, grainless on top.
Used jolida 302
Thanks to all for your suggestions and grounded recommendations. @Jeff_Jones, you're right in that the bigbox mass-produced receivers (like the one I have - which earned good reviews when it came out) probably would do just as well as almost any similarly priced high-end integrated. Still, I can't help but be seduced by the allure of a high-end name integrated.

@Arni - thanks for a comprehensive review and suggestion. No confusion at all, but a lot of ideas. In fact, with the Rotel 1072 (which I just got on audiogon), I'm not even sure I need the OBH-14 anymore. It was formerly hooked to a NAD c521 cd player that finally bit the bullet.

Everyone else, I'm researching the names and possibilities you brought up. Thanks again!

If you're going to go the consumer-grade route, there are reasons to pick up something a bit older on eBay than buy something new at a store - one of them being that the new stuff tends to skimp on quality transformers - you'll find it's much easier to physically lift an Onkyo made in 2010 than one made in 1990... then again, older stuff has its issues too and you may have to deal with replacing aging caps and cleaning old pots.

At any rate, there are classics such as the Audiolab 8000a that would certainly be worth a look. You could also try picking up one of the entry-level Blue Circle integrateds, which pop up every now and then used. I've also heard good things about the Dayens Ampino, if that's enough power.
Looking at the current listings in your price range, there are a bunch of nice integrateds for sale, among them: Myryad T-40, Arcam 8r, Rega Brio 3, Linn Majik-I, and (if you need only one input) Virtue TWO.2. (I don't know any of the sellers.) Of these, I'd go for the Rega. I have an original Brio in my office, and I love it. I've had good luck reading around and buying used. If it doesn't work out, you can sell it on and, if you haven't overpaid, only be out for shipping.
Right now, as we speak, there is a Naim Nait 3 integrated for sale (not by me!)for $499. You're not going to do better than that.
Marantz PM5004.
Virtue audio
Used Rotel 1070. Great phono stage.