Best Integrated Amplifier Made at the USA

I will be pleased to know which is for you thr current best integrated amplifier made at the USA. thanks
I love integrateds. The best I've own is the Audiotropic Musical Machine made in the USA. Sixmoons did a review on this jewel.
Conrad Johnson CA200
Rowland Concerto

Both have the clean power and damping factor to grab hold of your speakers and make them sing.

You might want to include Canada. There are some good ones there as well.
the usual suspects...mac, rowland, rogue, arc............
Cary SLI-80 Signature, Edge G3, Rogue Audio Tempest, and VTL come to mind quickly. Into class D? Don't overlook Bel Canto.
Made in the USA? Better make that assembled in the USA. Content will most likely be at least 60% foreign.
Price no object would be VAC PHI Beta.
I would second Rhljazz's VAC PHI Beta reco, except that is now a discontinued model, not a current one. VAC has no integrated amps in their current line up.
That being said, I'd probably recommend the BAT VK-300xSE.

The Ayre AX7e. A great little amp.
Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2! Has one RCA input pair, one volume controlled output pair and a remote volume control using a precision stepped attenuator. I guess you can still call it an "integrated' ;-)

Probably the best there is at this price!

Check out the Ayre AX-7e. Even with the price increase, this integrated is still a bargain.
My Bel Canto eVo2i is the best integrated that I have ever owned and I have owned a lot...some costing many times more. It just seems to get it right. IMHO.
Newly, do you have a price range in mind, or do you just mean an all out assault regardless of price?
As the question states "for you," I will only chose from integrated amps I have owned. Bel Canto evo2i is at the top of my list. And I too have owned some good ones. The Bel Canto gets it right, as Dfrigovt said.
Tiger said: "Content will most likely be at least 60% foreign. "

Here is part of a post from Charles Hansen:
Ayre gear is made in the USA, largely of USA components and materials:

- Chassis: Made in California, including anodizing and silkscreening.
- Transformers: Made in California and Canada.
- PCBs: Made in Colorado, using USA materials.
- PCB Assembly: Made in Colorado.
- Final Assembly: Made in Colorado.
- Resistors: Made in USA and Germany.
- Capacitors: Made in USA (Rel-Cap and Cornell-Dubilier), Germany (Wima), and Japan (Nichicon and Panasonic).
- Semiconductors: USA (Analog Devices, Burr-Brown, On-Semi, Xilinx), Japanese (Toshiba and Hitachi), and British (Semelab) companies, foundries are world-wide.
Have we lost the OP?
The Krell FBI (full balanced integrated), by far the best.
03-12-08: Flav said:
"The Krell FBI (full balanced integrated), by far the best."

Whoa, take it easy there tiger. Krell's certainly worthy of the making this list, but there'll be lots of disagreement about "the best." ;-)

yes you can include best amps made at the USA and CANADA. Price? not limits.
anyone has heard the new PASSLABS X-150 int ?
on the paper it's look nice..
I suspect whenever VAC puts another integrated in their lineup it will be the best American made integrated on the market (base on their previous efforts). Some speakers may need SS power, and based on the Pass amps I have owned, I have to imagine the new Pass integrated will be one of the contenders in this category.
I would suspect the VAC would be your best bet. I am sorry the Phi Beta is out of production. That was my long term aim, if I won the lottery!
Krell FBI! Why? It sounds vibrantly alive and natural. Only the FBI (not even the evolution lineup) has Class A stages in the amplification section, current mode gain, zero overall negative feedback, surface mount technology, LED's and current mirrors, broad bandwith Dc to 300k etc...
Conrad Johnson CA200...
Krell FBI. Awesome USA made piece of gear.