Best integrated amp with MartinLogan Aerius

Hi, I just bought a used pair of MartinLogan The Aerius speakers and need to buy an integrated amp to use with them. My understanding is that these speakers, like all electrostats, present a fairly difficult load (nominal 4 ohm but decreasing to <2 ohm at high frequencies). I don't have a huge budget but was considering the Creek 5350SE or the Musical Fidelity A3.2. Would either of these be a good match? Any other suggestions in the <$1000 range (either used or new). Note: I mostly play acoustic and vocals (big Alison Krauss fan)...not a heavy metal or Mahler fan :-)

I'm a new member of AudiogoN and enjoying the forums. Thank you for your help.

I would go for the Antique Sound Lab AQ1001 DT. It should have plenty of power.
I would go with the Creek. They have always been very good amps at handling difficult loads.
I have never owned the Aerius speakers, but I can still confidently recommend a Bryston B60 integrated amp. This was the amp I owned (and really loved) prior to getting my present Plinius 8200 mkII. I recommend it for two reasons:

First, the midrange is gorgeous. Absolutely heavenly with female vocals and very sweet sounding with acoustic music. It literally put a smile on my face many late nights. In my experience it just lacked punch, but your stated listening preferences suggest that this will not be a factor for you.

Second, I recall that the Stereophile reviewer (Sam Tellig?) for the B60 purchased them to mate with his ML Aerius speakers. I take this to mean they would be a good match for this amp. He liked the combination for choral music. Again, the glorious midrange.

The B60 needs a replacement jumper cable (~$30), but you can still get it used for a few hundred less than a used Creek (which I haven't heard). I'd guess in the $700-800 range. Add to that 10+ years of trouble free warrantee and it is very worth a listen. (Also, the B60 is 100 watts into a 4 ohm load; 60 watts into an 8 ohm load.)

Good luck!
I would also take a look at a classe (a CAP 150/151 or 80, or maybe a Plinius 8100. Could throw in the Portal Panache at the upper end of the price range.

The MuFI 3.2 would work, and I think is a better option than Creek (not a creek fan, personally) as would an x-150.

I think my choice would be a Classe or Plinius 8100 from the ones listed above.

If you like Alison Krauss, you made a great choice with the Aerius. I had that speaker a while back and loved it, espeically with her voice. As far as Rob's suggestion of the antique sound labs 1001, that was what I used to power my logans. It was a huge mistake. Not enough power and not appropriate for those speakers. I currently have the x150, and have a feeling that would be a much better choice, as would the 3.2. Also, I would look into the classe as mimberman points out.
cary sli 80, vtl it 85, vac avatar SE... ah, just saw the $1000 budget requirement. i'd look at the consonance tube integrateds that have kt88s and put out about 80w/channel.
Those are killer little speakers, caught my attention big time years ago.

Tubes are definitely the way to go as they will flesh out the spare nature of the panels, but S7horton brings up the reality. They need and like power and that isn't cheap with tubes.

Try to beg or borrow both solid state and tube and throw in both if you can to compare, but I suspect you will see why folks put up serious money for those glowing bottles.

Have Fun.
I just wanted to thank all of you who posted responses to my inquiry. Its nice to be part of a group who tolerates questions from relative novices without resorting to flaming nonsense. Great input from all of you...thanks again.