Best Integrated amp under 1k

Can anyone suggest a good integrated amp under 1k USD? Requirements: I need five inputs (for five sources - not including phono - don't need a phono pre-amp). Must have clean tight bass, a good midrange, not overly bright treble. Should be smooth with Jazz, but ready to Rock! Help!
Audio Refinement Complete (Made by YBA).
I'm not sure about how many inputs it has, but the LFD Mistral is bad man. fifty watts per channel, i believe, seems like a little more though.
You can find Anthem Integrated 2. 90 watts (@ 8) solid state amplifier and a tube preamplifier. YOu can find them for less than $1000 used on this site. I have one that I am selling for $800 (shipping included). Check for reviews.
Check out the Primare A10. It is a 50wpc remote controlled integrated. 5 or 6 inputs with great sound. the guys at can help and sell them in their store. feel free to ask me questions.
I have a Musical Fidelity X-A1 that has a wonderful midrange, smooth and grainless highs and a refined and detailed bass response that balances well with the music (especially if you are using mini monitors that have a peak in the mid bass as many do). I would not say that it slams in the LF's but on the other hand there is no blur and each bass note is there to hear. The model is discontinued but does come up on the used market. It also received better pro reviews than the current X-A2 model from the same source (Hifi Choice). I have switched to a tube amp and no longer use mine but have had second thoughts every time I start to list it for sale as it is my favorite inexpensive SS amp. It is rated at 50 watts/channel @ 8 ohms but tested at 70+ in one of the web reviews.
Audio Refinement Complete. 50WPC with remote. Terrific, warm sounding solid state integrated. Built like a tank, remarkable value. I have an extra one for sale if you're interested. Jeff
A Linn Majik is a nice alternative - $1095 list, easy to find for $500 used. There's lots of nice ones, and this is one of them.
I'd try a linn majik. My uncle uses it and I'm always impressed by the smooth sound and its sense of pace. Only 30 watts but it drives my uncle's thiel .5 exceptionally well. You also have limitless options for upgrades. Under a thousand used is not difficult to find on this site or on ebay.
Another to check out is the Rega Mira. They have recently introduced a new model, which I have not heard. I doubt it has 5 inputs though. God bless.
Audio Analogue Puccini. Smooth and voiced on the warm side of neutral. Would be excellent with jazz but may not totally be able to rock depending on your speakers.
I think Audio by Van Alstine is selling their new integrated for around $1K. Have not heard it but I have other AVA equipment and Frank always provides a lot of bank for the buck.
Ok, if it helps any, I'm using B&W DM601S2's for the time being... (would like to get Nautilus 805's in the future)...