Best integrated amp tube or hybrid up to $7000?

I mostly listen to jazz small ensembles,vocals and acoustic piano/guitar. I like detailed/transparent sound,holographic 3D sound stage, rich midrange, airy treble and deep/tight bass.I
have the AMR CD 777 cdp and Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers.Don't need phono stage. Preferably with XLR connection. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
Speakers and room size would be important in determining your amplifier needs.
Put an Octave V70SE on your list for a tube integrated. That's what I have driving my Dynaudio C1's. Of course try to demo one to be sure.
McIntosh 2275 tube integrated may fit your needs. Happy hunting. Post your results.
I have very limited experience, but one of the most impressive sounds that I have heard was using a Pathos Logos integrated that retails for about $5,000. Personally, I'd at least rule out a Pathos product before purchasing something else. I know they have at least one other integrated.

Krell impressed with everytime I've heard a system with it's amplifiers or even the S-300i integrated, but they are all solid state so it isn't what you're looking for.
As you already have the AMR CD 777 did you consider the matching AMR AM 777 or AM 77? While the AM-77 did not suit my personal needs it would meet many of yours.

Ayon Spirit 2 - musically engaging , no over-emphasis . easy to bias and holds it well
It sounds like a BAT 300X might work for you. You have a choice of all solid state, 6922 tube pre, or 6h30 tube pre.