Best Integrated Amp Of All Times?

According to you, what is the best integrated amp of all times?
Audio Note Kondo Ongaku !!
Sorry, I have no input, but the subject interest me as well, as I continue to consolidate my system.
I'm leaning towards a VAC Avatar Super, but the JRDG Concentra II interests me as well. I haven't heard the Audio Note.

lots on my short list, here are but a few.....all prices....newer...mac MA2275, sugden 21, nad 320bee, the vac avatar.....vintage..revox b251, nad 3020, musical fidelity A1 and B1......unlike the highlander, there CAN be more than one.
Sugden Masterclass
I believe Krell has a new one comming out in the Evolution line.

The Ongaku is the best I have heard integrated or seperates.
Mimetism 15.2.
Not that I've heard it but the review makes it sound almost too good to be true. You can read it here:
Unison Rsearch SINFONIA, it is just out and has kicked out the Audiomat opera from my system. It has a level of refinement that is mind blowing, after all it is a single ended design with 27 watts of power.
I have had the Oera and Roland Concerto in my system and have heard the Musical Fidelity in a similar system.
The SINFONIA has bettered everything but even much pricier separates i have had in my system as well.
It has just been awarded the reference status from the French magazine HAUTE FIDELITE, that gives a warning to the OPERA in that review, and they are right.
I have only one source and it is vinyl. Michell ORbe, Graham 2.2, Benz Ruby 3, Aesthetix Rhea.
It IS unbelivable to think this integrated can bring out all the differences that source can bring and it only costs a little more than my cartridge and tonearm cable.
It's price does not represent the quality of the sound you get and in my case it has saved me some hard earned money by putting some back in my pocket.
Only one thing to keep in mind and that is to change the tubes when you will get it because i think Unison was really smart with putting some inexpensive tubes in it and let you change them for the ones you like, the reason is to save you money i believe by selling it cheaper. For example if they had spent more money on the tubes then the distributor and the retail store would have added a profit on top and for about 300$ 0r 400$ you could spend on tubes it could have cost you 1000$ to 1500$ for the same ones in the Sinfonia if it was delivered with them.

PS: i am not a dealer and i do not have one for sale, in fact i am waiting for mine and i have the demo from the store until mine gets here.
Don't know if it is the best integrated of all times but I just picked up an E Sound S-8 integrated and like it better than my Rowland Concentra; very refined and authoritive. The build quality is also exceptional.
For sheer value the Rogue Audio Cronus is my current winner by a long shot, having owned Rotel and Jolida previously.
The Qinpu A-8000 is probably the best sounding integrated I've heard to date; works well with a wide variety of speakers too.
Ive just recieved my Qinpu A-8000 MkII.I thought my Jolida JD-300b sounded good with my Tyler PD-30s.Well the Qinpu not only took it to another level,it took it out of orbit! I dont believe you can touch this amp at its price!I thought I was happy with the PD-30s before....Im like a pig in sh-- Wow!
The "best" integrated amp ... the one I have now, as this is it ... no more after this one. I want to go out, er ... "get out," thinking that I couldn't have done any better, given desired and necessary limitations, of course!

Almarro A318B ... hooked up to a new (August 06) Lector 0.6T via Guerrilla silver ICs, and Cain SuperAbbys w/one Bailey via DHLabs double-runs of 14 ga. I'm totally pleased, more than at any time in recent memory ... for a lot less money.
I'm borrowing a friend's Densen DM-10 solid state integrated. 75 wpc into 8 ohms, 80,000mf of capacitance. Great unit with absolutely black background, laser imaging, and oustanding resolution. Sounds like tubes to me, although the amp is extremely revealing of components upstream and of wire. There have been excellent reviews of this integrated over the years, and it certainly impresses me.

I'd say it'd be a great match with speakers that are a bit laid back and have forgiving tweeters.

I can't say it's the best integrated of all time, but it nearly equals the performance of my separates costing 6 times as much.
My pick :

Lavardin IT
From a brief listen, I suspect the ASR Emitter is the best and so it should be at the price. I think I am using 2 of the best at the moment Lavardin IT
Viva Solista 845SET
I am about to take delivery of another top pick, a Karan K180, which is going to replace the IT, I need a bit more output, the only drawback of the IT
1.Onagaku (audio note kondo)2.Unison research absoluut
The best two I've used (and still own) are: (below)

after owning all of these integrateds:
Densen DM-10
Naim Nait1
Naim Nait2
Naim Nait3/3R
Naim Nait5
Naim Nait5i
Creek 4___ series
vintage tubes like H.H. Scott 299, 222, Fisher
Rega Mira

and listening to others:
Cary SLI, VAC Avatar, ARC integrated, CJ 55, Rowland Concentra all-original 12-watt Sugden A21 and Cary CAD-300sei with original Cetron 300Bs. Nothing beats these two in what integrated amps are needed for (less complication. more music, less audiophilia) given sympathetic speakers.

Also one of the best that I've heard but could not own: Audio Note Ongaku
ASR Emitter II exclusive with akku
My pick it the Karan KA-i180 I sold to David12
I just bought a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista Integrated. I am blown away by what a fantastic piece this is---------
Tact Millenium MK2, no competition.
I own a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 Integrated and think this is the best one I've ever heard.
I've had a Lavardin IT and a Krell 500i but this MF is a lot better for MY ears.

Gr. Micheln
The Ars Sonum Filaharmonia is the most suprisingly good amplifier (integrated or separate) I have ever heard. With only 30 Watt (25 Class A)it is limited to 89db or higher speakers with benign impedance loads. With the Merlin VSMs it sounds very competitive with my Joule/CAT separates (with the Merlins).
Audiomat Recital. Synergy with the rest is key as well but this baby is out of this world and does not cost a car or a house (just a nice motorbike!), 90w of pure ClassA. No need to go separate....
Sansui c-2301

One look inside this 85 pound beast says it all.
Check this out.
Scroll down the page for beautiful pictures,
Sansui Japan was not half stepp'in when they made these.

If not #1, these have to be in top 5 best ever IMHO.
I heard one and any true music lover will be be blown away by its power and the sound,You will hear the difference from the first note.
Plinius, Krell and Classe all make sweet integrated amps. This Sansui is in a league by itself.
The parts used at this time in this Sansui piece are said to be the finest available at the time.
Find one ever? I doubt it,people never part with these.You never see one on Audiogon or e-bay ever.
That in itself speaks volumes on the quality of this Vintage piece.The above listed are available all the time.So either they don't satisfy or the just can't cut it.The Best of the Best you never see for sale, when You own the best Your search is over.Accuphase made some greats as did Luxman Japan, there is a difference.Don't believe me,check Luxman Japan you will see the dope amplifiers that the U.S. will never see.The Japanese keep the Best, and send us the cheap stuff. Compare Japan made to Taiwan made again it is obvious one is made to last, the other is disposable.Sony E.S. Japan
same thing, they keep the best in Japan the versions we get are cheap imitations of the Japan version with only the best parts used.

Bow Wazoo, cause sounds decent and looks purrrrty:)
Not a suggestion, but a request for information. The long awaited Pass Labs integrated, based on the X150 chassis, is now available and even on the website. Has anyone heard it? I do really rate Pass labs kit and this must surely be a contender for best integrated
The Genesis B-200 Stealth. Dark purple anodized 200 pounds of remote controllable Pure "Class A" integrated amplifier. It has a passive preamp stage and even the amount of Class A bias can be set via the remote. A real rare, esoteric, and exotic beauty!
neodio 150
Has anyone heard the Leben gear? If you can believe the reviews, this sounds like it could be one of the best; though relatively low powered integrateds.
I like two for performance to value: Bryston solid state and Almarro tube.
A quick vote on the value side of the offering. I have a fully modded Jolida 302B that with the right tubes (and yest I rolled quite a few to find them) is ungodly and still most affordable. I would still do separates if room allowed but -- this unit is marvelous.
Where does Jadis stack?
I'll nominate my trusty Luxman L-5 which was purchased in the 70s. I am still using it 30 years later to drive my surround sound speakers on SACD. Sounds amazingly good and seems to be missing that 70s SS sound (which is why I bought it in the first place).
sansui,9090,in my opinion was the best.
I really liked the McIntosh MA 6100. It did everything just right. I would be happy today if I still had it.
The best intergrated I have heard is the Pathos TT (followed by the Unison Research Perpormance and the Jadis Orhestra Reference).
I like my Mac 6900 the best of anything ive heard so far.... my experience is limited but ive heard my share of high to low end, and the Mac is the most listenable thing ive heard.
Don't know what the Audio Note Kondo Ongaku currently sells for, but the better part of $100,000 I'm sure. Hard to compete with that!

I own an mbl 7008 integrated amp, and it would have to be on the list.
My vote is for Luxman lv-105u fantastic,,great phono,
mm/mc and good power, sound stage,, and cheap,,hybread
tube,,, wow,,
Yamaha CR2020. For the money from 1977-79 this and the CR1020 were quite terrific. Even so by today's standards with a lot of these units still in perfect working condition.
I had the CR1020 (70 watts per channel I believe) with New Advents. Very nice sound. The CR1020 just dies in the late 80s. I still have the Advents, trying to figure out what to do with them. I hooked them up the other day and they sounded suprisingly good. Very good soundstage and depth.
"I still have the Advents, trying to figure out what to do with them."
The woofer surrounds are good. I had them redone at some point. The only problem is there's a three way switch on the back for the tweeter. Extended - Normal - Reduced. With one of the speakers only extended works. Is this a crossover problem or a switch problem? Any suggestion on how to repair this? I think the only way to get inside is by removing the woofer. With a digital source extended is not good as you might imagine.