Best integrated amp for work?


I'm looking for some advice regarding my audio setup at work. Currently I have:

-Pro-Ject turntable
-Pro-Ject Phono stage
-iPhone/iTunes in dock
-Pro-Ject Headphone amp
-Ultrasone Headphones

My issue is that I can't simply press a button to switch between my inputs. I have to unplug the cables from one and plug in the other. Lame.

So it looks like Pro-Ject has a $350 solution:

Which got me thinking that I'd like to see what kind of all-in-one solutions are out there.

Anybody have any suggestions? Ideally the phono stage is in integrated into the amp.

Thanks in advance for your advice and heckling!

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Look into the rega Mira 3 integrated amp; a compact, easy-to-use, great sounding amp.
Yeah looks sharp! I would like to have a headphone jack though.
Outlaw 2150 would do it. You could sell everything else to pay for it. I kn ow someone who has one in mint condition.
Who? Will they include a DAC magic too?
Linn Majik integrated amp or Linn Classik with CD
You can sell the headphone amp as a down payment, some may even have a phono stage, but not sure You could also get the awesome Tandberg 3012a which has a great phono and headphone amp and should run about $ 300.00 or so
The Tandberg looks awesome! Thanks for the suggestion!