best integrated amp for under 5K

I am looking for an integrated amp and don't want to spend more than 5K. I would like the power range to be between 300-500 watts per channel. I am building a 2nd system and I want to make my kef 104.2 (bi wired pair -serial number 3992) totally sing. I think I would prefer solid state but am open to suggestions, maybe even class d
PS Audio GCC series. You can get either a GCC 250 or GCC 500 for about $2500-$3500. Read the reviews. They are awesome, differentially balanced full function remote

I wholeheartedly agree! I've 2 GCC-500's driving B&W 803D's and "totally sing" is an understatement! They are very quiet with a wide dynamic range and beautiful sound stage. Not to mention, solid build quality.

The Gain Cell technology is very impressive; I was hooked once I auditioned first their GCPH gain cell phono stage. It was enough to have me wanting that sound on my entire system. So I got one GCC, then a second one later to biamp.
I always liked PS Audio. Another one to consider is the Musical Fidelity A5.5: 250 wpc and about $3K.

They also make the KW 500 at 510 wpc and a tube preamp section. MSRP is $7K, but most of the owners who reviewed it at got theirs for between $4100 and $5500.

I've heard the high-powered MF integrateds, and there's hardly a 2-channel situation the higher powered ones couldn't handle. They're very fast and clear.