Best Integrated Amp for the money

I started with a Marantz PM80, moved to the ever popular Musical Fidelity A3 and have now settled on what I would rate IMHO as a no compromise design, build and immensely musical Integrated Amp.
Stick with the musical fidelity and go with either the Nu-Vista or Tri-Vista Integrated.
YBA Passion Integre

Also search old theads, this is a popular question.
Smjason has a good idea. If you like the sound signature of your A3, then keep it in the family.
On the used market I think it's the $2500 cary 300-SEI. You need high efficiency speakers but it has that Western Electric 300B magic. I have one and consider it a 'keeper'.

Next up is a used ARC CA-50. Originally $4000, but now only 1600-1700 for a nice one. You get arc quality, support and sensible design at a bargain basement price.

For new, I think the $6000 full bore BAT 300x SE is the way to go. Many people like the $6000 rowland concentra II, but I love the BAT sound. Danananana....

In thruth though, when you get into the $6000 retail level for new equipment, I think you are better off buying something like a used placette with an ARC vt-100m2. You can put that together for 3500 and have a world class system.
Plinius 8200.
Copland CSA 28, a good and budget choice.
I agree with Marakanetz. The Plinius 8200 is a great integrated and selling for 40% of the retail price.
I own both the Plinius and the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista and really feel that the MF is in a different league. I do love the Plinius, I mean I own it, but the Musical Fidelity does everything the Plinius does and then some. Refinement, detail, soundstage, air, all these types of audiophile words, the MF has in spades. Again, I would suggest a Nu-Vista or Tri-Vista.
For how much money? Each price range has it's best integrated amp.
Sim Audio Monn I-5,amazing integrated.AL
Disclaimer: I am a dealer for Xindak and Simaudio.

Hello...The Simaudio I-5 or I-3 are very good for the money. In addition, you might want to check out the Xindak line. As already mentioned, the YBA Passion Integre is a great integrated. Let me know if you would like additional details on the Xindak.

Also, please give us some details of your system so that we can give you a more customized recommendation.

...Mike - Father & Son Audio