Best integrated amp for Sonus Concerto

Help!! What is the best matching intregeated amp for Sonus Faber Concerto? Do I need a subwoofer to go with the Sonus Faber Concerto?
Hmmm Goldmund SRI2 it is about 3500$ retail or Spectral DMA-100 Enjoy it. Tommy
Densen B-100 or D-10. You could spend a lot more and get a lot less.
I'd go with the Plinius 8150i retail $3k.
I second for the Plinius 8150i
The new Cary sli80. give it a listen. 80w ultralinear/ 40w triode. It should be on your short list, retail ~$2.8K
Joule Electra Vamp- 100 wpc famous LA-100 tube line stage and solid state output with remote control- Awesome! Before you go subwoofing make sure all your components and cables produce accurate deep bass. Deep bass is also a byproduct of a high storage PLC like the Equi=tech or PS Audio. Go to
Definitely the 8150i!!!! tried the combo and the Concerto loves the tightness and neutrality of the 8150i. Trust me !
Why not the matching SF Musica? The walnut faceplate would sure match the matching walnut sides of the Concerto and the Musica is designed to match the Concert series.
I listened to the Concertos paired with the Plinius integrated at a shop and it sounded fantanstic. I did a home demo of the Concertos with My Musical Fidelity 50 watts per channel amp and they did not sound good at all. There was no bass control or bass clarity (one note bass) in our room. I had the same exact problem with the Linn Tukans in a home demo. Again the Tukans were listened to at the shop with the Plinius and sounded fantastic. I feel that the Plinius would be a great match for the Concertos but at $3000.00 there are a lot of other options. I suspect that the Concertos will require a high current amp (not necessarily high wattage) whether it be tube or solid state to perform their best, which does narrow it down considerably. It would be helpful if you would state your budget.
Sorry Neronian. I did not notice how old the thread was. You have probably gone through several sets of speakers and amps since August. So, what are using now, need any suggestions?
Neronian: If I may make some kind of case here.... What about the Classe CAP-151 Integrated Amplifier?? The Big Classe Integrated sounds warm, smooth and rich with the Sonus Concertos. The Classe is a 150 W/P/C High Current Integrated just in case you are interested and that kind of thing matters to you. Just a suggestion. --Charles--
Thank you for responsing to my questions. I have other problems. I have Classe Cap151, Classe Cd.3 and Sonus Concerto. I am please with my system but!! I think I need more bottom end(more bass). I am thinking to get a new pair of Sonus GrandPiano or get asubwoofer. Any suggestion?
Neronian: If you purchased your speakers from a dealer and they will allow you to trade up this would be the simplest way to go (granted that you like the sound of the GP's that are definitely not shy in the bass department IMO). You would spend at least the difference between the two speakers on a sub without necessarily achieving better synergy. I assume that you have exhausted all speaker placement options as well as room treatments that you are willing to do. Placement and treatments can have a major impact on bass. For example we just cleared a pile of clutter out of a corner in our livingroom, which resulted in an increase in bass response from my mini monitors. IC's and cables also impact bass "fullness" to some extent.